Johan Cruyff Institute joins Sportsbiz Africa Forum to contribute its academic expertise

June 18, 2024

Johan Cruyff Institute joins Sportsbiz Africa Forum to contribute its academic expertise

Through a collaboration agreement, Johan Cruyff Institute partners with Rwanda Events to bring its academic expertise to the Sportsbiz Africa Forum, an event aimed at promoting the sports industry in Africa

Sport is one of the fastest-growing industries in Africa. With an approximate value of $3.3 billion, this trend is expected to continue in the coming years, with key sectors such as sponsorship, sports tourism, and talent development driving growth. In this context, the Sportsbiz Africa Forum will be held on September 26 and 27, 2024, with the goal of accelerating the progress of the sports industry in Africa. Through a collaboration with Rwanda Events, the organizing company, the Johan Cruyff Institute will bring its academic expertise to this forum through a series of masterclasses. These classes will address key topics such as revenue generation in sports facilities, sports tourism, and sports sponsorship activation.

Christian Gakwaya, CEO of Rwanda Events Group, highlighted the importance of this agreement in promoting the sports industry in Africa: “Developing an economy around sports in Africa requires a qualified human resource capable of meeting the needs of the market and leading its growth. The SportsBiz Africa Forum’s masterclass program is a strategic response to this need for human resources. SportsBiz Africa Forum is partnering with the Johan Cruyff Institute, as its academic certification partner for its inaugural edition slated for September 26th to 28th 2024 in Kigali, Rwanda.”

Cristina Pales, Marketing Director at Johan Cruyff Institute, and Yannick L. Olimbo Diouf, Project Manager of Marketing, Sponsorship, and Partnership at Sportsbiz Africa.

Cristina Pales, Marketing Director at Johan Cruyff Institute, and Yannick L. Olimbo Diouf, Project Manager of Marketing, Sponsorship, and Partnership at Sportsbiz Africa.

Held in Kigali, Rwanda, the Sportsbiz Africa Forum aims to help position the sports industry by training African talent to transform the investment landscape across the continent. The event will consist of five distinct segments: Conference, Exhibition, Masterclass, Mini Tournaments, and Social Events. With the goal of boosting the African sports industry, the Forum will focus on key topics such as talent development, sports management innovation, and sports infrastructure growth. Attendees from all sectors of the sports industry are expected: club owners and executives, sports agents, tour operators, investment agencies, among others.

The four masterclasses taught by the Johan Cruyff Institute at the Sportsbiz Africa Forum will combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications in the professional field. This approach will provide attendees with valuable insights and opportunities to enhance their professional skills. The masterclasses will cover the following topics:

Revenue Generation in Sports Venues

Sports venues are crucial for generating income for teams, leagues, and the sports industry in general. This masterclass will analyze various innovative strategies and resource optimization techniques to significantly enhance the revenue streams of these venues.

Sport Tourism: Boosting Economic Impact and Growth

Sport tourism is a dynamic sector that combines the excitement of sports with the exploration of new destinations. By attracting fans, athletes, and event organizers from around the world, sport tourism generates substantial revenue and stimulates local economies. This masterclass will examine the significant contribution of sport tourism to the economy.

Sustainability in Sport

In recent years, the role of sustainable practices in the sport industry has grown significantly. Sports events, facilities, and organizations are increasingly recognizing their environmental footprint and incorporating environmentally friendly practices. This masterclass will analyze these issues and the various social and political frameworks involved in sports.

Activating Sport Sponsorship and Maximizing Returns

Sport sponsorships are a powerful tool for brands to connect with their audience and foster loyalty. However, to reap benefits, companies must strategically activate these sponsorships and ensure they maximize their return on investment. This masterclass aims to address the different types of sponsorship and techniques to maximize returns and measure their impact.

This partnership between the Johan Cruyff Institute and Rwanda Events marks a significant step towards advancing the educational and professional landscape of sport management in Africa. The Sportsbiz Africa Forum, therefore, lays the foundation for future growth and development in the sports industry across the African continent.


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