Cruyff Network Meeting: Highlighting Johan Cruyff Institute Academic Legacy

June 7, 2024

Cruyff Network Meeting: Highlighting Johan Cruyff's Academic Legacy

Students and alumni of Johan Cruyff Institute gathered in Barcelona for the Cruyff Network Meeting. The event aimed to reaffirm their commitment to Johan Cruyff’s academic legacy, share experiences, and engage in networking

In 2024, Johan Cruyff Institute celebrates 25 years of history. Over these years, more than 10,000 students from around the world have been educated in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business, and coaching. Thus, Johan Cruyff’s academic legacy continues to grow. Within this context, the Cruyff Network Meeting was held, bringing together former students, professors, and staff to connect and share experiences.

Cruyff Network Meeting 2024

After welcoming the attendees, Alejandro Gaviria and Felipe Hermosilla, graduates of the University Master’s Degree in Sports Management in collaboration with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, presented their project “We Are Genius.” This community includes students, alumni, staff, and partners with the goal of strengthening ties by sharing a passion for sport and professionalizing the industry. “In the seven months we’ve been working on We Are Genius, we have representatives not only in Barcelona but also in Mexico, Colombia, and various parts of Latin America, competing and representing these values worldwide. For the rest of 2024, we have a significant sport calendar, and we aim to involve more people,” stated Alejandro Gaviria.

During the talk, the creators of We Are Genius announced a collaboration with JOOKS, a French sport tourism company, and Johan Cruyff Institute. Through this alliance, the Cruyff Institute Challenge by JOOKS was launched, a challenge to raise funds for the Cruyff Foundation to help young people with different abilities access sport and its benefits. For every 100 kilometers covered by all participants, the foundation will receive €1. Competitors can participate by walking, running, cycling, or in a wheelchair. “As Johan said, we can’t do it alone; we have to do it together, so we invite you to participate in this challenge. We are also open to any sports initiative you want to channel to create a larger project through the community,” added Felipe Hermosilla.

Víctor Jordán, Academic Director of Johan Cruyff Institute, emphasized the importance of this meeting for the community’s development: “The Cruyff Network Meeting has been a valuable opportunity to connect students with alumni already established in sport management. These events are essential to strengthen the community and promote the exchange of ideas and experiences. Johan Cruyff’s legacy remains alive, and I am sure this community will continue to grow and have a positive impact on the sport industry.”

Saurabh Dheer, a participant of the Cruyff Network Meeting and a student in the Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona, shared his experience: “My time at Johan Cruyff Institute was enriching in many ways. Coming from India, a country that doesn’t pay much attention to football, coming here and learning this sport from expert professionals, the best in this field, was very special. One of the best parts of the program was the study trips: visiting different facilities, seeing how they are managed, talking to people there, and learning how a particular club operates,” he said.

After the presentation of We Are Genius, the Top Cruyff Institute Alumni Challenge took place, where event participants tested their sport knowledge by answering questions about various sports. Edgar Romero, Head of Corporate Relations at Johan Cruyff Institute and an alumnus of the Master’s in Sports Management, welcomed the students who will soon join the Alumni community: “Although there is still some time left, I would like to officially greet the students who are currently enrolled and will soon become alumni.” Thus, a new generation of professionals will extend Johan Cruyff’s academic legacy, a community that grows year after year.

The Cruyff Network Meeting concluded with an enthusiastic networking session, where students, alumni, and academic staff of Johan Cruyff Institute eagerly shared their projects and experiences. This event not only strengthened the bonds between different generations of students but also fostered new collaborations and partnerships. These connections expand Johan Cruyff Institute’s community and contribute with enthusiasm to the growth and transformation of the sport industry.


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Johan Cruyff Institute and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) collaborate to jointly deliver the University Master's Degree in Sports Management linked to the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UAB. It's a 10-month program that examines the most important aspects of management applied to sport.

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