Federació Aèria Catalana promotes education in the aerial sports sector

April 24, 2018

La Federació Aèria Catalana vela por la formación de su sector - Johan Cruyff Institute

Thanks to the agreement signed with the Johan Cruyff Institute, the members of the Federació Aèria Catalana will have access to our education in sport management with special discounts

The Federació Aèria Catalana, the governing body of aviation sports that groups and coordinates all the aerial sports that are practiced in Catalonia, will make the academic education of the Johan Cruyff Institute available to all its members as a result of the collaboration agreement that has come into effect in this year.

“We believe in education as a basic tool to achieve the objectives of a project that should take aerial sports to the elite”, says the president of the federation, Héctor Rodríguez. “Without good management, a road to success cannot be built. In this sense, the Johan Cruyff Institute provides the academic program and the necessary tools so that our leaders and managers of sports facilities, clubs and schools can achieve it”.

The Federació Aèria Catalana is part of the Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya and, among its activities, it regulates all aeromodelling, kiting, paragliding and powered flight competitions.


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