Four good reasons to study Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

Four good reasons to study Sports Marketing and Sponsorship - Johan Cruyff Institute

“The world of sport is emerging and, generally, with continued growth. Therefore, sport is a good professional opportunity.”

Under this premise, Raúl Ciprés, Director of the Master and Postgraduate degrees in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship of Johan Cruyff Institute, details why these two specializations are careers with the potential to generate business opportunities in the video below.

“We find a business sector as with sport, that needs increased professionalization and our Master and Postgraduate programs in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship are an opportunity to acquire more specialized knowledge,” Raul said.

“Another reason is that there are different points of view that are oriented towards different types of students: from the company’s point of view, or the brands’, from a media point of view, the orientation from a club or sporting platform or from the agency that operates in marketing”.

If you spend time doing sport both at the professional and amateur levels, “at the Institute we are sport, we all carry this approach towards sport; so both the amateur and professional athlete fit in the program or people who work day to day in the management of clubs, federations, etc, have a perfect orientation in it.”


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The main objective of the Master in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship is to guide you in your professional development as an integral sport marketing and sponsorship professional, and teach you how to use marketing tools applied to sports to recognize business opportunities, develop strategies in creative industries, anticipate changes, and optimize and analyze information resources judiciously.

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