Futsal chooses the education from the Johan Cruyff Institute

January 22, 2018

El Fútbol Sala apuesta por la formación de Johan Cruyff Institute

The Spanish Association of Futsal Players and the Association of Female Futsal Players will have access to academic education at the Johan Cruff Institute with special discounts and two partial scholarships for elite players in the national top division

The Association of Futsal Players (AJFS) and the Association of Female Futsal Players (AJFSF) have become part of the group of companies collaborating with the Johan Cruyff Institute, thanks to the agreement signed at the beginning of 2018. The agreement provides advantages for both entities and represents another step towards helping athletes join the world of work once their sports career is over.

Helping its members to obtain training is one of the priorities of both associations, and is included in the statutes from the year of their creation — 1998 in the case of the AJFS, and 2010 in the case of the AJFSF. All members of both associations will have discounts of between 20% and 30% to study at the Johan Cruyff Institute. Our students will also benefit from the teaching collaboration with the associations to learn about their day-to-day management, as well as from the possibility to do internships.

In addition to the discounts on all the programs, the Johan Cruyff Institute will also grant two partial scholarships (50% discount) to one male player and one female player who play in a team in the Spanish top division. The beneficiaries of these scholarships can choose between any Master or Postgraduate program offered by the Johan Cruyff Institute, with the only exception of the Official Master’s Degree in Sport Management.

Javier Orol, general secretary of the Association of Futsal Players, has expressed his satisfaction with the agreement reached. “At the AJFS, we are very happy to be able to sign this new agreement with the Johan Cruyff Institute, since it’s another step in our firm commitment to being able to offer our members the best offers in the different areas of academic training, mainly related to sport. And the Cruyff Institute is one of the most experienced and renowned entities in this field”. Orol adds that “one of our main concerns today is the training and academic preparation of the players for when they retire. To this end, in addition to participating in European projects focused on this issue (Dual Career), we are looking to help our members be able to enjoy discounts and scholarships at universities, schools and institutes, and get training in a useful, effective and forward-looking manner, while at same time develop their professional career in sport. And this agreement between the AJFS and the Johan Cruyff Institute is a clear example of this. Preparing for the future after our sporting life is fundamental and we will continue to support it”.

For Laura García, general secretary of the Association of Female Futsal Players, it is also a priority service. “All possible collaborations with the world of professional training are positive for the association and its players,” she says. “In this case, the flexibility and the conditions help the athletes to find a better organization with their sporting career which is what is most needed during this stage. Therefore, we are very happy that we can continue growing and offering our players a variety of academic offers for their professional education”.


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