Being an athlete doesn’t mean you’re sidelined from business

November 25, 2014

Being an athlete doesn’t mean you’re sidelined from business - Johan Cruyff Institute

José Coronado, ranked number 1 in wheelchair tennis in Catalonia, now spends his days combining high competition and the Master in Sports Management at Johan Cruyff Institute

His love affair with the world of tennis began during his stay at the Guttman Institute, where he stayed for 8 months following his accident. Rehabilitation took him to try several sports and he stayed with the racket.

Competition in the world of work

It’s what I’m starting to learn and, from what I can see, they are two factors that can go together. Being an athlete doesn’t mean you’re sidelined from business, I think they go hand in hand and can your image a boost.

An athlete is more demanding…

 On a personal level I believe so; he who is demanding is in all areas of life, both in the workplace and on a sporting level. Then, that one thing is the result of another, also depends on your name. Greatly renown sportsmen, when they get into the world of business they generate a very high expectation and they have to attempt to match what they’ve achieved on a sporting level with what they would like to achieve in the business world.

The future of employment

The idea emerged after I had the accident, I discovered adapted sport on a competitive, amateur and fun level. The idea is to create a school, primarily intended towards children with disabilities because in my experience, it is very rewarding: a child’s smile when he hits a tennis ball for the first time after 15 attempts without hitting it, getting to hit one, fulfills you, it’s priceless. That’s where I’d like to direct my future and everything I’ll learn in the Master’s at the Cruyff Institute will help me do it more professionally and with more knowledge.

What do you learn in terms of management?

For me everything. We just started a month ago, but they teach you everything from the start, how to form a company, everything related to marketing, which is very important, how to work your business or company image, at a strategic level, what are the aspects of the market you have to assess that they are important to analyze, accounting… Basically everything, for someone who has never had a business, it helps you start from zero to reach the maximum.

Necessary improvements in your sport

I would improve image and visibility for my sport in particular, and Paralympic sport in general. Visibility is what gives you notoriety; we need people to know this sport so the sponsors can get involved.


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