Johan Cruyff Institute Will Enhance the Talent of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Athletes

June 13, 2024

Johan Cruyff Institute Will Enhance the Talent of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Athletes

By means of a collaboration agreement with the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA), Johan Cruyff Institute will enhance talent development in the field of mixed martial arts

Johan Cruyff Institute and the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) have signed a collaboration agreement that underscores the mutual commitment of both entities to excellence in sports education and the promotion of MMA on an international level. Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide, with viewer numbers increasing year after year.

GAMMA is an international sports federation dedicated to the promotion and development of MMA globally. Its mission is to foster the growth of mixed martial arts as both a professional and amateur sport. To achieve this goal, it provides development opportunities for athletes, coaches, and organizers. Through the agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute, GAMMA will be able to elevate the sport to a new level of recognition and professionalism.

Alexander Engelhardt, President of GAMMA, highlighted the importance of this agreement in boosting the training of its members: ‘GAMMA’s vision is to establish a clear and comprehensive educational pathway that meets the diverse needs of MMA participants, fostering personal and professional progression while actively enabling participation at all levels of the sport. We are delighted to partner with Johan Cruyff Institute to promote this vision and are proud to offer our members innovative educational programs and opportunities, including scholarships, internships, and jobs in the sport.

This agreement establishes specific actions for talent development. Johan Cruyff Institute will offer discounts to GAMMA employees and members on its academic programs, including master’s degrees, postgraduate degrees, and specialized courses. Additionally, the agreement will promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between both organizations. It also lays the foundation for collaboration between the two institutions in promoting activities and programs and organizing specialized webinars.


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