New alliance with Real Club Marítim Barcelona

February 2, 2017

Nueva alianza con el Real Club Marítim Barcelona - Johan Cruyff Institute

Johan Cruyff Institute signs new collaboration agreement with Real Club Marítim Barcelona, one of the most honored nautical clubs in Spain

The facilities of the historic Real Club Marítim Barcelona was the location chosen for the signing of the collaboration agreement between Johan Cruyff Institute and one of the clubs with the best record in water sports in Spain. This alliance between the two entities responds to their common interest to seek excellence in the world of sport, in all its areas.

With the signing of this agreement, the Real Club Marítim de Barcelona now joins the portfolio of partner companies of the Johan Cruyff Institute. The agreement will allow the staff, affiliates and athletes of the club to benefit from special conditions in all our sport management and marketing programs.

The main objective of the agreement is the transfer of talent and knowledge between the two institutions. As such, the granting of scholarships or study grants, the joint organization of activities (such as classes, seminars and conferences) and the participation of the Real Club Marítim Barcelona staff in the preparation of case studies and in the teaching of programs at the Johan Cruyff Institute all form part of the agreement.

The club will also offer internships for Johan Cruyff Institute students, so that they can apply their knowledge collaborating with an organization that has more than 1,000 medals to its name in national competitions, more than 200 in international meetings, and has the honor of having obtained the first Olympic medal for the country in 1932.

New alliance with Real Club Marítim Barcelona - Johan Cruyff Institute

The agreement was signed by Sonia Güell, president of the Real Club Marítim Barcelona, and Mariël Koerhuis, manager of Johan Cruyff Institute.

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