New technologies turn an event into a show

New technologies turn an event into a show

Interview with Mats Heuzen explaining how new technologies turn an event into a show

The sports stadium experience has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, the charm of stadiums was the live experience, the instant replay screens, comfortable seats, parking, and quality food. That is no longer the case.

The internet and smartphones have changed the landscape. Currently, sports stadiums are fighting for people, especially millenials, out of their homes and away from their big screen TVs. The need to digitalize the live experience is something that sports stadiums are trying to achieve. This is largely due to demographic changes.

According to a report by Cisco, one out of every three university students/young professionals consider the internet just as important as air, water, food and shelter. Connectivity is the redeeming quality that these stadiums need to boost revenues.

Some of the things stadiums are changing include:

  1. Adding Wi Fi
  2. Instant replays with different camera angles
  3. Access to apps
  4. Added services such as maps and seat locators and upgrades.
  5. Being able to order food and drink from your seat.

Based on different markets, other aspects of the fan experience can be studied and improved upon. Merchandising, ticketing platforms and the use of the second screen are also revenue boosters.

Mats Heuzen, a former Master of Sports Management alumnus, talks about the use of technology in and around sports stadiums. In this video, Irsan Widarto, professor of the Master’s degree at JCI Amsterdam, interviews Mats who explains that technology can help clubs and event organizers further engage with their fans & spectators.

Mats currently works as a Sales Manager for Claus Hotel & Event Center. Previously he worked as a Crossmedia Editor for Eredivisie Live and as a Sport & Event Marketeer for several other companies.

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