What makes a successful sporting event?

What makes a successful sporting event? - Johan Cruyff Institute

Joan Porcar is a journalist, pilot, adventurer & businessman as well as Managing Director of Grupo Alesport. In this video he tells us what the key factors are to hosting a successful sporting event and how having a clear philosophy as well as quantifying an event’s success well in advance can have an impact on sponsorship & marketing deals

Aside from organizing the event ahead of time, there are other important factors that can be highlighted. Among them are well defined roles and communication channels. How will you communicate the event? Who is your target audience?

It is important to have a clear idea of the role played by each of the event’s stakeholders as well. How do they measure success? Each stakeholder is different and they may have different objectives when it comes to measuring and quantifying success. Without that, there can be no spirit of consensus regarding objectives and collaboration which are key to a successful sporting event.

In the event that this will not be a one-time event, think of it as an event that will be profitable over time and not with the event’s duration. In other words, it is important to create a lasting legacy. The Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup are two events that carry this out well. These countries host these major sporting events for various reasons: to develop the country’s infrastructure, position itself before the rest of the world as an attractive destination, give it an economic boost, etc.

The topics that are dedicated less time, are often precisely the ones which have a direct impact on the fans. Well-defined communication that deals with ticketing, event sponsorship, hospitality or the cancellation and return policies can help avoid a lot of the most common problems surrounding the success of a sporting event.


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    I am Football Industries MBA Student at the University of Liverpool and I have a strong interest in this particular subject of measuring sporting event success.

    Should there be any materials, lecture slides, presentations or an extended version available, I would greatly appreciate it if you can provide me a copy of it.

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  2. It was very nice to know that one way to make sure that the event is successful is by targeting the audience right and making sure that the advertisement reaches the right people. I will make sure to mention this to the organization I work for since we will be hosting a sporting event soon. This part got my attention the most because everyone’s so busy with the prep, I don’t think we have advertised it yet.

  3. My sister will be spearheading a sports event for her company and she will be needing professional help. It was explained here that a successful sporting event should create a lasting legacy for the participants. Furthermore, it’s recommended to consult experts when planning sporting events.

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