Johan Cruyff Institute: 20 years professionalizing the sports industry

Johan Cruyff Institute: 20 years professionalizing the sports industry

Johan Cruyff Institute welcomes in the new academic year that will mark 20 years of the educational initiative of Johan Cruyff’s legacy The Johan Cruyff Institute network was born in Amsterdam in 1999, with the creation of the Johan Cruyff Academy, which offers a university degree in sport marketing for elite athletes in the Netherlands […]

Red Bull da alas al mundo por una causa benéfica - Johan Cruyff Institute

Red Bull gives the world wings for a charitable cause

Hundreds of thousands of people participate on the same day, at the same time, all over the world, in the Red Bull Wings For Life World Run, the unparalleled worldwide sporting event and sponsorship activation If there is a reference brand in the world of marketing and sport sponsorship worldwide, it is Red Bull. The […]

eSports: Sport or Business? - Johan Cruyff Institute

eSports: Sport or Business?

The sports industry joins the eSports fever to reach the digital generation and expand its business To what extent eSports, or electronic sports, can be considered a sport remains a controversial question. If we stick to the definition in the dictionary, sport is understood to be any physical activity, whether a game or competition, that […]

Estadios Inteligentes: Si no puedes con tu enemigo, alíate con él - Johan Cruyff Institute

Smart Stadiums: If you cannot beat your enemy, team up with him

Improving the fan experience by giving them access to new technologies to combat their threat is the key to smart stadiums, the venues of the future A study by telecom company Cisco revealed a worrying trend over the last decade: 57% of sports fans now prefer to watch matches at home. And forecasts by sports […]

Johan Cruyff Institute, en Chile para hablar de marketing deportivo

Johan Cruyff Institute in Chile to talk about sport marketing

The Johan Cruyff Institute participated in the Euro-Latam Sport Marketing Summit in Santiago de Chile with a talk by Edgar Merino on personal branding The Johan Cruyff Institute contributed its experience in this field providing a talk on personal branding to be given by our representative in the country, Edgar Merino, a specialist in sport branding and […]

La vida más allá del hashtag - Johan Cruyff Institute

Life beyond the hashtag

La Liga, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus and the Cleveland Cavaliers are using Blinkfire’s software to measure their engagement in images and videos on social networks An image has the ability to capture people’s attention immediately; it requires no effort and is universal. There is no language or need to understand language in a photo, […]

Olyseum, all sport condensed into one app - Johan Cruyff Institute

Olyseum, all sport condensed into one app

Olyseum, with Iniesta, Puyol and De la Peña as promoters, is already the most downloaded sports app in 6 countries in its first week of release Social networks, mobile apps and the digital world in general have meant a revolutionary change in the marketing of sport content. Now, it is much easier to get an […]

Over 2000 students follow Richard Denton and Pep Guardiola’s classes - Johan Cruyff Institute

Over 2000 students follow Richard Denton and Pep Guardiola’s classes

The free online course on sport sponsorship offered by the Johan Cruyff Institute and GlobalSportsJobs has exceeded 2,000 enrollments in the first two editions and will remain active until December The classes given by Richard Denton, professor at the Johan Cruyff Institute and sport marketing consultant with 20 years of experience in the sector, and […]

UnderArmour bursts into the Games in Rio and triumphs with Michael Phelps - Johan Cruyff Institute

UnderArmour bursts into the Games in Rio and triumphs with Michael Phelps

UnderArmour says goodbye to the legend Michael Phelps in Rio with the promotional video #RuleYourself, a campaign that refers to changes in the #Rule40 of the Olympic Charter and reinforces the brand philosophy of the company from Baltimore UnderArmour was the only one of the three major sportswear brands present at the Olympic Games (along […]

Ganancias, formato y afición - Johan Cruyff Institute

Finance, Format and Fans

Richard Denton, professor of the Johan Cruyff Institute, analyzes major events to see if the fans and the competition managers share the same interests The day after EURO 2016 finished UEFA proudly announced a 34% increase in revenue to €1.93 billion compared to EURO 2012. An additional 20 matches and eight teams contributed to these […]

Discover what personal branding can do for you - Johan Cruyff Institute

Discover what personal branding can do for you

The specialist in sport branding, Edgar Merino, reveals what personal branding is, how it works for athletes, and its importance in making you stand out professionally in your career We all have a personal brand, values, skills and attitudes that distinguish us from the rest. It is up to us that others perceive that brand […]

Pep Guardiola te invita a formarte en patrocinio deportivo - Johan Cruyff Institute

Pep Guardiola invites you to train in sport sponsorship

Pep Guardiola presents the free sport sponsorship course in English at the Johan Cruyff Institute and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona as part of their commitment to the professionalization of sport. “I’ve always thought that sport is the most powerful tool for education” What is sport sponsorship? Why is it important to have a sponsor […]

El Mamba Day, última lección de marketing con el sello de Nike - Johan Cruyff Institute

Mamba Day, the latest lesson in marketing with the Nike hallmark

Nike pays tribute to its star Kobe Bryant, nicknamed ‘the Black Mamba’, on the day of his retirement, with a marketing campaign that has involved more than 200 of the brand’s athletes The sport marketing campaign that Nike launched to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant on the day of his retirement as an NBA player […]

The athlete as a social media marketing product - Johan Cruyff Institute

The athlete as a social media marketing product

Marketing benefits from the power of social media to identify potential consumers of your brand and reach them quickly and easily through the athlete This rapid shift to the digital world has affected all sectors of communication, and marketing is one of them. “Twenty years ago, the media had a great deal of power and […]

Heineken impacta en la Copa del Mundo de Rugby

Heineken has an impact on the Rugby World Cup

Mark Bogaerts, responsible at Heineken for organizing major international events such as the Rugby World Cup, tells us how they planned the sponsorship activation for two years Heineken has earned recognition as one of the brands with the greatest impact on the sports world thanks to its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League and its […]

The Amsterdam Marathon is in very good health

The Amsterdam Marathon is in very good health

In 2015 the Amsterdam Marathon will celebrate its 40th edition, consolidating its sponsorship with TCS, a company that promotes its motto and philosophy through this event: to contribute to wellbeing, health and social commitment through sport The health of a marriage is not measured by how long it has lasted, but the values, objectives and […]

Cuando el networking funciona - Marketing Deportivo

When networking works

A student of the Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Marketing signs a contract with the best European youth football tournament (MIC) to bring teams from Guatemala Rosario Mönkemüller arrived at the headquarters of the Johan Cruyff Institute in 2014 from Guatemala with her bags full of enthusiasm and a clear purpose: to maximize her stay in […]

El poder de la imagen de marca - Johan Cruyff Institute

The power of the brand image

Davis Tenorio, sports marketing specialist, is leading the ‘branding’ project for the NAR (high performance center) in Brazil, where 80% of the Brazilian athletes who will go to the Olympic Games in Rio are training Davis Tenorio is a clear example of how specialisation can open the door to interesting future work. They had little […]

Cuando el deportista es la marca - Johan Cruyff Institute

When the athlete is the brand

Michael Jordan redefined sports marketing in the 80s and 90s and now, thanks to his ‘Air Jordan’ brand, he joins the Forbes magazine rich list A patrimony of one billion dollars has led him to join Forbes’s select group of the richest people in the world. Michael Jordan retired from basketball no less than 12 […]

Damm da más brillo a su Estrella - Johan Cruyff Institute

Damm brightens its Estrella star

Estrella Damm, linked to paddle tennis for 15 years, sees the entry of foreign venues in the WPT as an opportunity to strengthen its brand internationally The people at Estrella Damm had a vision about 15 years ago. Already linked as they were with sports like football, tennis, sailing and other major sporting events, they […]

Nothing’s imposible in sport marketing

Nothing is impossible in sports marketing

Starting from Adidas’ famous slogan, we’ll go over the sports marketing of the three biggest running brands that sponsor the ‘World Marathon Majors’ The first and most important rule of marketing, although not written is: ‘don’t directly sell your product’. It’s much more effective to show reasons to buy it. And the more plain and […]

Sport plays well on social media - Johan Cruyff Institute

Sport plays well on social media

Sports marketing is much more visible thanks to increased app use Social media has changed the way we communicate, it has become an important weapon in marketing and in the sports industry, and they’ve positioned themselves as the perfect platform to maintain direct and permanent contact between an organization and its social mass. Social media […]

Edgar Merino turns Crespita into a trending topic

Edgar Merino turns Crespita into a trending topic

Former alumnus of Johan Cruyff Institute turns the World Boxing Champion into Chile’s best marketing product Edgar Merino, former alumnus of the Master in Sports Management at Johan Cruyff Institute in 2013, began his idyll with sport as a football player, changing the lawn fields for the parquet of indoor soccer (futsal) and, now that he has […]

Sponsorship at Dentsu Sports Asia

Sponsorship at Dentsu Sports Asia

The Master in Sports Management from Johan Cruyff Institute led Iván Codina to achieve his work objectives in Sponsorship at Dentsu Sports Asia. He embarked on a one way trip to Singapore and is now Director of the football division at the company, a worldwide renowned firm in the advertising and public relations sector which has […]

Sponsorship is about economic interest or strategy

Sponsorship is about economic interest or strategy

Alumnus of the Cruyff Institute,  Youngsub Chun, gives us his vision sponsors and the sponsored activity Youngsub Chun, alumnus of the Master in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship of the Johan Cruyff Institute and current sport business consultant for the East Asia, gives is his vision on sponsorship.  Sponsorship is an associative marketing tool that creates […]

A world-class seminar

A world-class seminar

Cruyff Institute brings together major global figures at the global level in the I International Seminar of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Johan Cruyff Institute’s I International Sports Marketing & Sponsorship Seminar proved to be a world-class seminar. The Real Club de Polo facilities were the scene of a major event that brought together, under one […]

New technologies turn an event into a show

New technologies turn an event into a show

Interview with Mats Heuzen explaining how new technologies turn an event into a show The sports stadium experience has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, the charm of stadiums was the live experience, the instant replay screens, comfortable seats, parking, and quality food. That is no longer the case. The internet and smartphones […]

Four good reasons to study Sports Marketing and Sponsorship - Johan Cruyff Institute

Four good reasons to study Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

“The world of sport is emerging and, generally, with continued growth. Therefore, sport is a good professional opportunity.” Under this premise, Raúl Ciprés, Director of the Master and Postgraduate degrees in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship of Johan Cruyff Institute, details why these two specializations are careers with the potential to generate business opportunities in the […]

Zurich Barcelona Marathon brings Zurich Insurance to citizens

Zurich Barcelona Marathon brings Zurich Insurance to citizens

There are brands that we clearly link to elite sports. For a long time, that’s been the case for Zurich Insurance, which has sought a return on investment by sponsoring sports such as golf or sailing But a sponsorship strategy can be directed towards different targets. One must simply join forces with the appropriate partner or event. […]

Work to make the transition from sport work for you! - Johan Cruyff Institute

Work to make the transition from sport work for you!

Are you an athlete? Are you training towards making your sport a full-time occupation, or even a job? Have you succeeded in doing so? If so, I am pretty sure somewhere along the way, someone has asked you: “But what are you going to do if you break your leg, and are never able to […]