Top 10 Nominees for the Cruyff Institute Media Award

September 29, 2014

Our student-athletes, employees and Johan Cruyff himself are often associated with studies at the Johan Cruyff College, Johan Cruyff University or Johan Cruyff Institute. The result of this is lovely personal stories and lots of free publicity for our network. We thank everyone who has contributed to this success. Based on media value in the Dutch printed press, please take a look at last year’s Top 10 nominees for the Cruyff Institute Media Award (August 2013 – July 2014):

1. Noël van Klaveren (Gymnastics) – Johan Cruyff College Amsterdam
“Sport talent that has rapidly grown up”
Noël van Klaveren unexpectedly won Silver in Vault at the European Championships in Moscow in April 2013 and qualified at the World Championships in Antwerp in early October 2013 for the all-around finals scoring 54.999 points. Dutch sports journalists reported on a young gymnast who had experienced tremendous growth and felt confident presenting herself. This was also made possible by the Johan Cruyff College, where she was able to combine her studies with high-level sports.

2. Christiaan Sloof (Swimming) – Johan Cruyff University Amsterdam
“Ambitious and empathic coach“
In October 2013 elite swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo decided to continue with her assistant coach Christiaan Sloof (instead of Marcel Wouda). The Dutch press was curious to know who he was and reported on a young, passionate, fun-loving, eager-to-learn guy who studied the Bachelor of Business Administration at the Johan Cruyff University.

3. Larissa Bieringa (Martial Arts) – Johan Cruyff College Nijmegen
“I want to become the first female commando”
The press interviewed Larissa Bieringa when a decision to withdraw her from a selected training to become a member of the Dutch elite Commando Corps was reversed because she is a female. In other words, it was announced that Larissa might be the first Dutch woman to ever to wear a green beret. Her personal curriculum is part of the story, where she explains how she combined sports (martial arts and hockey) with her studies at the Johan Cruyff College.

4. Vera van Pol (Gymnastics) – Johan Cruyff College Amsterdam
“First girl from Limburg that makes it to the World Championships”
In September 2013, Vera van Pol’s coach told her that she would replace Wyomi Masela (who, by the way, is also a Cruyff College student) at the World Championships in October, as Wyomi suffered an injury. She found out the thrilling news when she missed a call during class at the Johan Cruyff College. The news was widely covered in the Limburg press.

5. Loes Linders (Wakeboarden) – Johan Cruyff College Nijmegen
“So sport can also be enjoyable”
In September 2013, Loes Linders won the Dutch Championships in Wakeboarding. The peculiar thing was that sports journalists knew Loes as a gymnast, but she quit top gymnastics because “in wakeboarding everyone is more relaxed.” Nowadays she does gymnastics ‘on the side’ and is also busy with her ​​career as a dental assistant after obtaining her diploma at the Johan Cruyff College.

6. Evelien de Bruijn – Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam
A Dutch TV-guide and glossy magazine portray Evelien de Bruijn, a well-known SBS television presenter of the news show ‘Hart van Nederland’ (Heart of Holland). She shared with readers that one of the best decisions she made in her life was to “get off the couch” and enjoy sports by practicing them herself and studying the Master in Sports Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute.

7. Leonard Posthumus Meyjes – Johan Cruyff University Amsterdam
“Combine business knowledge with personal development”
A national free subway magazine portrays page-wide in November 2013 two traineeships, one being student Leonard Posthumus Meyjes of the Johan Cruyf University.

8. Dick Scholten (staff) – Johan Cruyff Institute
“Cruyff 14 year schoolmaster”
When we sent out the press release about our Forum and 14-year celebration of our academic Cruyff network (November 2013), colleague Dick Scholten of the Johan Cruyff Institute got a call from a journalist, asking about Johan Cruyff’s motives and ideas in offering education to athletes. The article was widely published in regional newspapers.

9. Myrthe Moorrees (football) – Johan Cruyff College Nijmegen
“Ready to go for it until the last gasp”
Myrthe explains to the local press that she likes playing for FC Utrecht, where she can combine her studies at the Cruyff College with football, but she would also like to play at a club in Germany. When it became known that the “Utrecht Women’s Football Foundation” filed for bankruptcy, she let the press know that not only her football career was at risk, but also her Cruyff College internship, that she had already arranged at the club! (Myrthe is currently playing for PSV / Eindhoven).

10. Aron Gielen (football) – Johan Cruyff University Tilburg
“Believe in the future”
Aron was one of the most promising football players and was loyal to his club VVV, where he played football since he was 9 years old. But the last years were hard, he had to face injuries, and in March 2014 his club let him know that his contract was not going to be extended. He told his personal story to the press, also mentioning his studies done at the Johan Cruyff University.

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