Webinar: Performance under pressure

Performance under pressure

October 6, 2017

What is pressure? Where does it come from? The answers to these questions are different for everyone; and this is what Johan Cruyff Institute education is all about. width=”100%” height=”150″ […]

¿Cómo convertir el Big Data en Smart Data? - Johan Cruyff Institute

How to convert big data into smart data?

July 14, 2017

The application of data analysis in the world of sport has a long journey ahead. We discuss all its potential with Javier Bosch, CEO of NBN23, a technology company that […]

El impacto de la era digital en el marketing del fútbol - Johan Cruyff Institute

The Impact of the Digital Age on the Marketing of Football

December 9, 2016

Richard Denton, professor of Sport Marketing at the Johan Cruyff Institute; Steven Adams, Senior Commercial Acquisitions Manager at The FA; and Richard Lamb, International Business Director at FC Internazionale talk about the impact […]