Cómo las organizaciones deportivas pueden monetizar sus redes sociales

How sport organizations can monetize their social media

October 29, 2021

Johan Cruyff Institute brings together three sport marketing experts from Sportskred, Vexed Gaming and ACT Agency to discuss the best way for sports organizations to monetize their social media: audience […]

Patrocinio deportivo: El poder del mensaje

Sport Sponsorship: The power of a message

October 1, 2021

Damian Bott (PSV) and Jason Lucas Luijckx (Team Liquid) reveal in a webinar from Johan Cruyff Institute on sport sponsorship what the key elements are of their tailor-made partnerships with […]

LaLiga’s strategy against Covid. Part II

LaLiga’s strategy against Covid. Part II

December 18, 2020

LaLiga’s strategy in terms of financial control, centralization of television rights sales and digitalization, the pillars of LaLiga’s business model, have helped to minimize the effects of the crisis Johan […]

LaLiga's strategy against Covid. Part I

LaLiga’s strategy against Covid. Part I

November 23, 2020

We analyze LaLiga’s strategy towards Covid and the actions it has taken to minimize the impact of the pandemic and manage a crisis never before experienced by the sports industry. […]