Loughborough University named world’s top university for sports-related studies

May 8, 2024

Loughborough University named world's top university for sports-related studies

The prestigious QS World Ranking placed Loughborough University, partner of Johan Cruyff Institute, in the first position in the field of sports education, taking into account both academic staff and employers who recruit graduates

Loughborough University has been selected as the best university in the world for sports-related subjects by the QS ranking, marking the eighth consecutive year the university has achieved this distinction. This ranking evaluates factors such as the academic staff, the business sector that employs its graduates, and the production and impact of their research.

Loughborough University, in collaboration with Johan Cruyff Institute, offers two distinct online programs designed specifically for sports agents. The first, a comprehensive program endorsed by the Association of Football Agents (AFA) and certified by CPDUK, focuses on providing a foundational education in the sport agency market. The second program is a preparatory course specifically designed to help candidates prepare for the FIFA Football Agent exam. Initiated in 2022 through a collaborative agreement, this partnership aims to equip students with the necessary skills and tools to operate professionally in the sports industry.

The Professional Certificate Programme for Sports Agents is a comprehensive program that addresses key industry aspects, including sport regulations, practices, business skills, and legal and ethical frameworks. It aims to provide a holistic and complete perspective of the sports agent profession.

The Training Course on FIFA Football Agent Examination equips students with all the necessary knowledge and understanding of the regulations to tackle the FIFA Football Agent Examination with ease. This training course is structured around the football regulations that are important for the FIFA Football Agent Examination.

Muiris Lyons, former student of the FIFA Football Agent Examination Training Course, shares his experience: “As a lawyer specializing in sports litigation, I have found this course enormously useful. The material is presented in a structured and clear manner, and reference material and resources are abundant. Most important is the focus on the exam itself. There are excellent practice questions and mock exams. The course shows how FIFA poses the questions, how to analyze the facts, and how to correctly apply the relevant regulations.”

In the following webinars, Serhat Yilmaz, Programme Director of the courses, provided in-depth explanations of their content:

Information on

Training Course on the FIFA Football Agent Examination

This course, starting on May 22, 2023 and coming with a 12-months open registration to offer flexibility, is designed to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and understanding of the regulations to tackle the FIFA football agent examination with ease.

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