Zurich Barcelona Marathon brings Zurich Insurance to citizens

Zurich Barcelona Marathon brings Zurich Insurance to citizens

There are brands that we clearly link to elite sports. For a long time, that’s been the case for Zurich Insurance, which has sought a return on investment by sponsoring sports such as golf or sailing

But a sponsorship strategy can be directed towards different targets. One must simply join forces with the appropriate partner or event. Cinto Ajram, the company’s Director of Sponsorship and Professor of the Master in Sports Marketing & Sponsorship at Johan Cruyff Institute, in this interview reveals the link between the insurance company and the world of sport and how the Zurich Barcelona Marathon brings Zurich Insurance to citizens.

What is Zurich insurance bonding with the world of sport?

We have always been present both globally and locally, supporting sports the style of golf, sailing, sports probably a high ‘target’, and lately we are approaching more massive, more popular sports and with which we can interact much more with a great mass of population.

An example is the Barcelona Marathon…

The Barcelona Marathon is one of the great assets that has this city. Many of our customers didn’t know that we had the headquarters in our city. Therefore, we saw the possibility of sponsoring the Barcelona Marathon as a great tool to get closer to our customers and to show our support for this city and that we will continue being present in it and that, therefore, the city is very important and its inhabitants are very important to us. What better way that sponsor your hobby!

What is the strategy of this sponsorship?

The strategy is very clear: firstly, closer to the city; Secondly, closer to a great mass of audience and demonstrate that we are not elitist; Thirdly, support a great hobby that is growing; and fourthly, a strategy of making a brand that is perceived as something very far away as it is a company of insurance people have it as in the background of his head, which is present in your day to day, in his love, that of their relatives and friends.

More than 10% of the employees of Zurich ran the last marathon. How did you get it?

Many people have asked me this. Obviously, this does not happen by chance. It is based on a strategy that began a year ago and through a campaign that baptized as ‘Zurich Sports Club’ to promote the sport within the company. We provide the equipment and the registration for the race and, in some cases, transportation and the plan of training, among other things. Clearly, sponsoring an event as the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona encourages workers to try to achieve that goal. We create a spectacular internal campaign with motivational plans, trainers, nutritionists and health service and I believe that a key factor was that many executives of the company were involved. Three of every ten members of the Executive ran the marathon. So, if you can convince the powers that, those who are below follow the chain.


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