The COCEF promotes academic training together with Johan Cruyff Institute

February 11, 2020

The COCEF promotes academic training together with Johan Cruyff Institute

The Colombian Association of Football Coaches (COCEF) puts its trust in Johan Cruyff Institute to boost the academic development of its coaches and staff

Johan Cruyff Institute will collaborate with the Colombian Association of Football Coaches (COCEF) to promote the academic development of football coaches in Colombia, in their different categories and modalities, in order to boost their professional career. The two entities have signed an agreement that will allow COCEF coaches and staff to obtain a discount on the price of the programs offered by Johan Cruyff Institute in the areas of sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching.

COCEF is an independent, non-profit association that carries out activities for the development of football throughout the country, promoting the training, comprehensive advice and progression available to all football coaches in Colombia. “Football in its form, organization and structure has evolved considerably, and therefore it is vital that coaches, coaching staff and managers acquire tools and knowledge that are essential to lead in a professional and comprehensive manner all aspects related to football, not only in aspects that concern the daily relationship with young people and professionals, but also to be in charge of an interdisciplinary work team,” explains Mauricio Monroy, president of COCEF. “In Johan Cruyff Institute, we have found the ideal ally to enable our members to achieve personal and intellectual growth, guided by the best.”

Cristina Palés, marketing manager at Johan Cruyff Institute, stresses that “we are very happy that a group as important in the football industry as coaches are aware of the importance of education for their overall development. We are sure that the collaboration with COCEF will help to promote the professionalization of this sport and its members in the country.”

This agreement also opens up the possibility for Johan Cruyff Institute students to do internships at COCEF, depending on their availability.


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