Johan Cruyff Institute collaborates with Libro de Pases in its educational area

March 21, 2019

Johan Cruyff Institute colabora con Libro de Pases en su faceta educativa

Johan Cruyff Institute is making its offer of courses, postgraduate diplomas and master’s degrees available to all users of Libro de Pases, a professional network of contacts specialized in the world of football

The two institutions have signed a collaboration agreement to facilitate and strengthen the academic training of different stakeholders in the football industry in Argentina. Libro de Pases is a football social network that connects the main players in this sport—professional and amateur footballers, intermediaries and clubs—and one of its missions is to promote the growth and development of this collective through academic training.

Thanks to this agreement, its users will have access to the Johan Cruyff Institute’s extensive educational offer in Football Business, Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Sponsorhip and Coaching, with interesting discounts.

Nicolas Maccari, co-founder of Libro de Pases, says that “the alliance with the Johan Cruyff Institute is very important, since our goal in the educational area is to foster a new culture of academic study within football. We want more and more players to become aware early on about the options they have for their development during and after their sporting career. The reason is simple: every one of them has been trained within the world of football. They are the ones that have grown up with the values, responsibility, discipline, ability to make decisions and other tools who can, with proper professional training, continue to be linked to this sport and become leaders in another position when their playing careers are over”.

Román Pascual, commercial director of the Johan Cruyff Institute, adds that “being present in the social network of Libro de Pases will help us reach all its members and spread the legacy of our founder, Johan Cruyff, which is none other than to educate the next leaders of the sports industry”.


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