Johan Cruyff Institute organizes the first Sports Innovation and Management Forum in Honduras

August 1, 2023

Johan Cruyff Institute organizes the first Sports Innovation and Management Forum in Honduras

In collaboration with Club Deportivo Olimpia and the support of Banco Atlántida, the Sports Innovation and Management Forum will take place on November 11 and 12 in Tegucigalpa

Johan Cruyff Institute, in collaboration with Club Deportivo Olimpia and with the support of Banco Atlántida, is promoting an innovative academic project to transfer knowledge about the most relevant trends in the sports industry and in sport management. This synergy led to the creation of the first Sports Innovation and Management Forum, an event that will be held on November 11 and 12, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., in a face-to-face format, at the Centro Interactivo de Enseñanza Chiminike, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

This forum was created with the objective of being a space for sharing knowledge, inspiration and collaboration between the club, companies and sports industry professionals in Honduras. The event aims to position Club Deportivo Olimpia as a leader in the professionalization of the sports industry in the country and aspires to establish itself as an essential event in the Honduran sports scene.

The forum is designed for sports industry professionals who wish to update their knowledge in sport management, offering an in-depth analysis of current and future trends in the industry. Its objective is to highlight how sports organizations can innovate in management, promotion and organization, adapting to new tools and realities, in a clear commitment to innovation and professionalization of the sports sector.

The event will feature masterclasses taught by teachers from Johan Cruyff Institute and panel discussions with leading industry professionals at a national level. Román Pascual, sales manager of our academic institution, Jordi Viñas, academic director of the Master in Marketing and Sport Management Blended Barcelona, and José Luis Beltrán, professor of our course in Digital Transformation and Revenue Generation and digital product manager of FC Barcelona, will be the representatives from the Johan Cruyff Institute headquarters at the forum, along with Fernando Riviello, professor at Johan Cruyff Institute Mexico and assistant director of marketing and communication at Club Puebla (Mexico).

They will be joined by Latin American sports industry professionals such as Fernando Osorio, executive director of Liga Nacional; Jacobo Hernández, director of RH Medios; Jimmy Arturo Rodríguez, sports journalist of Televicentro; Juan Francisco Saybe, vice-president of CD Olimpia; Jaime Cruz, commercial director of CD Olimpia; Mario Ramírez, marketing director of CD Olimpia; Carlos Flores (Apt Tours); Juan Carlos Medina (Turaser); Abogado Herrera, president of Liga Nacional; Emilio Izaguirre, sports director of Motagua and Javier Delgado, sports director of Real España, among others.

Together we will analyze the current situation and short-term trends, creating a roadmap that highlights the main challenges and key issues we face, and the opportunities for innovation that arise along the way.


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