Johan Cruyff Institute to open the Latin American Sport Business Congress in Buenos Aires

Johan Cruyff Institute to open the Latin American Sport Business Congress in Buenos Aires

Mariël Koerhuis, director of the Johan Cruyff Institute, will be in charge of opening the conference on December 6 in the Argentine capital

Johan Cruyff Institute will once again play a leading role at a new Latin American Sport Business Congress which, organized by Good Morning Sports, will be held on December 6 in Buenos Aires. The director of the institution, Mariël Koerhuis, has been invited to inaugurate the 13th edition of the one-day congress that will bring together renowned international and national speakers to discuss Sport Marketing, Technology in Sport, Sports Law and Sports Entity Management.

Mariël Koerhuis will open the conference with a presentation on ‘The Global Panorama of the Sports Industry’, linking issues of geopolitics, ecosystems and global trends in the industry. Businessmen, executives of sports entities, journalists, former athletes, lawyers, and managers and directors of multinationals will come together in the Pablo Neruda Hall in the Argentine capital to discuss the sports industry and its key role as a socio-economic driver of today’s society.

Throughout the day the panelists will discuss, among other topics, the power of global brands and their digital strategy, investment in sport and fan engagement, trends in innovation, the application of big data in the world of sport, sports audiences and the new spectator profile, and challenges and opportunities for the future.

Students and alumni of Johan Cruyff Institute wanting to attend the congress will be able to benefit from interesting discounts.


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