Johan Cruyff Institute and KNSB sign official partnership

February 21, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute and KNSB sign official partnership

Johan Cruyff Institute and the KNSB sign a partnership agreement and make the Institute’s offer of academic programs available to all staff members and athletes of the Dutch federation

The KNSB, the Royal Dutch Skating Association, and Johan Cruyff Institute have activated a two-way collaboration after signing an official partnership agreement on February 13. The agreement offers, among other things, special advantages for the staff and athletes of the skating association, who can obtain interesting discounts of up to 20% on the study programs in the field of sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching, offered by Johan Cruyff Institute, with the aim of stimulating the development of their professional career.

In addition, the agreement offers more benefits for the KNSB and the students and alumni of Johan Cruyff Institute such as, for example, the possibility to participate in special study cases, attend guest lectures, do internships and take part in the organization of joint educational activities.

Johan Cruyff Institute and KNSB sign official partnership

Mariël Koerhuis, General Manager at Johan Cruyff Institute, and Herman de Haan, CEO at KNSB.

“With this partnership, we can look after our speed skaters better, many of whom combine sport and study. A healthy mind in a healthy body is what we all want,” says Remy de Wit, technical director of the KNSB and alumnus of the Master in Coaching at Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam in 2012.

The KNSB, one of the larger sports associations in the Netherlands, is committed to strengthening and promoting speed skating and inline skating. The association serves the entire speed skating world: from professionals to amateurs enthusiasts, clubs, commercial partners, and fans. Speed skaters who have studied at Johan Cruyff Institute in the past are Wouter Olde Heuvel, Margot Boer, Jochem Uytdehaage and Renate Groenewold, among others.


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