Johan Cruyff Institute and Sports HUB, committed to sport management training for athletes

November 18, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute and Sports-HUB, committed to sport management training for athletes

Johan Cruyff Institute and Sports HUB, a Romanian platform for business and personal development for sportspeople, join forces to facilitate training in sport management for their athletes and staff

Johan Cruyff Institute and Sports HUB have reached a collaboration agreement to promulgate sport management training for athletes in Romania. Sports HUB is a platform designed to provide tools, events, training, workshops and other learning opportunities to active and retired athletes. It aims to connect the community of professionally minded athletes who aspire to become business leaders.

Sports HUB was founded by Virgil Stănescu, a former professional basketball player and captain of the Romanian national team for 10 years. He has a degree in business administration from the University of South Alabama, a master’s degree in European economic integration, a master’s degree in leadership and management from the University of Northumbria (UK) and is a certified coach. Virgil has continued his professional career in the sports industry, commited to the development of society through sport and business.

As part of this new agreement, the members, staff and athletes of Sports HUB will be able to expand their academic training through the programs in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching offered by Johan Cruyff Institute.

Both entities share a passion for sport and promote learning and the development of the next leaders in the sports industry. “At Sports HUB, education is in our DNA. We believe in practice; therefore, we believe in continuing education. We are also team players; therefore, we look for the best teammates and Johan Cruyff Institute is the best. It gives us, as a community, the opportunity to access high-level education programs and brings to the Romanian sport landscape some of the best options in Europe to develop the professionals of tomorrow,” says Virgil Stănescu, executive president of Sports HUB. I believe this comes at the right time, given that we all need to remain agile, innovative and to bring our competences to a peak.” 

Thanks to this agreement, Johan Cruyff Institute and Sports HUB will collaborate on academic activities and case studies, in the same way that students from Johan Cruyff Institute will be able to access internships at Sports HUB whenever there are vacancies.


Academic Programs

On campus programs at Johan Cruyff Institute include visits to sport organizations, clubs and facilities so that students can experience firsthand the challenges faced by sport managers on a daily basis. We also feature Master Classes by guest speakers who occupy key positions within the different areas of the sports industry. Online programs offer the possibility of studying in any place at any time through the Virtual Campus. The study pace can be adapted to each individual's workload and availability. A tutor guides each student through the entire program.

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