Uruguay’s Club Nacional de Football opts for the sport management programs of Johan Cruyff Institute  

Uruguay’s Club Nacional de Football opts for the sport management programs of Johan Cruyff Institute  

Uruguay´s Club Nacional de Football will announce at a press conference its agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute to offer sport management studies to its players and staff

Johan Cruyff Institute and Uruguay´s Club Nacional de Football have signed a collaboration agreement that allows all members, players and staff of the club to obtain important benefits on the study programs in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Sponsorship and Football Business included in the catalog of programs offered by Johan Cruyff Institute.

This agreement will be extended in October when the director of Johan Cruyff Institute, Mariël Koerhuis, and the commercial director, Román Pascual, travel to the Uruguayan capital to participate in a press conference in which they will explain in detail the nature of the agreement.

“For Club Nacional de Football, a key strategy in its development is the academic training at the highest professional level of its executive and sports management teams”, says José Decurnex, president of Club Nacional. “We have 120 years of history and we understand that looking to the future is the best tribute to those who built the most successful sports institution in Uruguay, and one of the most successful in America and the world. That is why in the cooperation agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute we find an unparalleled opportunity to add academic value, to generate synergy in key actions and to continue on the path of investing in the generation of values and knowledge, with the same emphasis with which we plan our sports strategy”.

Club Nacional de Football  is a Uruguayan sports institution that was founded in 1899 in Montevideo with the intention of creating and consolidating a football institution for Uruguayan Creoles against the predominance of clubs and European practitioners of this sport. It is considered the first ‘Creole team’ in Uruguay.

Throughout its football history, the club has won a total of 157 titles—135 national and 22 international—making it one of the most successful and recognized football clubs in the world, and the one with the most official international titles in America. Club Nacional have won the Copa Libertadores de America on three occasions and the Intercontinental Cup every time they have played in it.


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