The course in Sports Sponsorship strategy aims to teach students how to develop a sports sponsorship strategy, first knowing how it works and its main features, and then students will be given the necessary tools to develop a sports sponsorship project.


The main objective of the course in Sports Sponsorship Strategy is to teach students how to develop a sports sponsorship project; knowing the main features of each type of sponsorship and knowing how to manage them properly.


  • Understanding the basic principles of the sponsorship world and the main parties involved.
  • Knowing how to tell the difference between the different types of sponsorship and understanding the main characteristics of each.
  • Knowing how to manage sponsorships linked to the third sector within the CSR strategy.
  • Ability to evaluate the sponsorship world from the entity and the sponsors point of view.

Academic itinerary

You have the option of studying this course and other specialized courses, earning credits until obtaining the Postgraduate Diploma in Sponsorship (27 ECTS), or even the Master in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship (60 ECTS).

Aimed at

The program is aimed at those students who wish to complete their education with a specialized course in sponsorship strategy.

It is especially suitable for you, if:

  • You are an (ex-)athlete who wants specialized education in sports sponsorship.
  • You are working in a business and/or sports environment and want to acquire a better understanding of sports sponsorship.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTSIn order to take this course it’s recommended to have some knowledge of sport management or have developed a career as a professional athlete.

ADMISSION PROCEDUREPlease complete the registration form if you are interested in studying this program. Once we have confirmed payment, our academic department will contact you.


The program has six credits (ECTS), distributed over six weeks. The course is composed of various teaching units (Phases) and each one includes a continuous assessment test, in which you interactively apply the theory, complemented with problem-solving exercises and practical cases.



  • Principles and values of sponsorship
  • Relationship framework with stakeholders
  • Determining factors in sponsorship
  • Corporate social responsibility in sponsorship
  • Marketing and communication strategy in sponsorship
  • Types of sponsorship
  • Sponsorship in the third sector (non-profit sector)
  • Sponsorship and technology
  • Sponsorship of events
  • The media in sponsorship

ACADEMIC CERTIFICATIONCertificate for the Course in Sponsorship Strategy from the Johan Cruyff Institute.

Learning model

PERSONALIZED TUTORINGWe will assign you a personal tutor, who will monitor your study pace, adapting it to your work and/or sports schedule. At the beginning of the course you’ll create a tutorial action plan together. The tutor will make an assessment of your background, professional experience in the sector, availability and time you can dedicate to the course, and will also be responsible for guiding you in your study process, supporting you throughout the program.

Communication and queries will be handled by:

  • E-mail: reply within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Support via online chat/call/video conference.
  • Personal tutoring for approx 30 minutes, to be arranged weekly or bi-monthly.


  • Learning 3.0: flexible schedules, different learning environments and technologies.
  • World-class faculty: interaction with expert faculty and industry professionals.
  • Collaborative tools, teamwork, communication and debate.
  • Sports-industry oriented: training that gives you an insight into the business sector of the sports industry
  • Learning from experience: designed for professional improvement.


Cinto Ajram - Professor at Johan Cruyff Institute
Cinto Ajram­Bachelor of Economics (UB), Master in Financial Markets (UPF), PDD Certificate, Hedge funds and alternative investments (IEF) and Superior Sport Marketing Program (ESIC). Teaching partner at ESIC Business & Marketing School, editor at Unisport Universitas, Sponsorship Manager and Trade Marketing at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

Student services

VIRTUAL CAMPUSAs a student of the course in Sponsorship Strategy, you’ll have exclusive access to the learning platform that will allow you to track your academic progress 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The virtual campus provides a collaborative environment between professors and students through e-mails, chats, videos, books, articles, case studies, simulations, experiences, websites, blogs and a video library. You’ll have a wide range of tools at your disposal making your learning experience interactive, enriching and complete.

ALUMNI AND NETWORKINGThe Johan Cruyff Institute gives you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other students, alumni, faculty and members of the global network, and to share your passion for sport and your professional experience with others. We promote and facilitate continuous academic training. In this sense, our community is a network of social and professional relationships, and its influence is expanding in the sport and business sectors.

General information

  • Academic degree: Certificate for the Course in Sponsorship Strategy from the Johan Cruyff Institute
  • Duration: 6 weeks. 6 ECTS (weekly dedication of 10 hours)
  • Start: October 2, 2017
  • Modality: Online
  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Price: € 750.-
  • Special conditions: Discount for alumni and members of partner entities
  • Enrollment: Registration is open until the start of the course

The program may be subject to change.
The institution reserves the right to cancel the edition of the program if it does not meet the minimum number of students.

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