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Football Transfer Review - Johan Cruyff Institute

Football Transfer Review

March 4, 2019

Following the end of this season’s winter transfer window, there is a glooming sense that something is quite not right with the football world. After PSG signed Neymar for €222 […]

Data, Logic and Emotion - Johan Cruyff Institute

Data, Logic and Emotion

May 8, 2018

Big data is quantitative and to a certain degree can accommodate logic, but emotion is one factor in live sport that even the best databases and scientists in the world […]

Football Transfer Review - Johan Cruyff Institute

The Four Dimensions of Football

April 11, 2018

There are four dimensions that a football club must take care of to be successful: performance, business, social and political Therefore, running a club, at least in theory, should also […]

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Battle of the brands for Spanish football

February 7, 2018

Banks, soft drinks and beers are the leading sponsors of Spanish football, with a crushing dominance in recent years Benchmarking made by our student: Daniel Borda. Fans’ propensity to consume […]