Hearts, minds and wallets

Hearts, minds and wallets - Johan Cruyff Institute

Changes and opportunities for new sponsorships of FIFA World Cup and the unexpected ‘signing’ of Roger Federer for Uniqlo: everything points towards Asia From some exiting and potential sponsors, there were also doubts about the staging of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals in Qatar. As football moves east, another opportunity for the Asian sponsors […]

How to find your first job in the sports industry? - johan Cruyff Institute

How to find your first job in the sports industry?

Continuous education, academic internships, volunteering, a good résumé, a cover letter, a review of your skills and a good roadmap will help you position yourself and find that first job in the sports industry that you so desire In this case, we will focus on students who do not have any previous experience in the […]

Víctor Jordán - The Expert Corner - Johan Cruyff Institute

Strategy and method, as important in education as they are in sport

Making students an active part of learning, making the rules of the game available to them, and introducing technology that allows interaction and working in physical spaces that facilitate both elements are basic in modern and innovative education I myself have repeated like a mantra a Chinese proverb that says “what I heard I forgot, […]

Cinto Ajram - The Expert Corner - Johan Cruyff Institute

Battle of the brands for Spanish football

Banks, soft drinks and beers are the leading sponsors of Spanish football, with a crushing dominance in recent years Benchmarking made by our student: Daniel Borda. Fans’ propensity to consume is noticeably higher for brands that support their team than for brands that compete with it, and that has a price that is worth paying. […]