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Basic data

Master in Coaching Amsterdam


8 months


February 2023




On campus + self study + personal coach


Johan Cruyff Institute and Sport Center Papendal


Limited places available - enroll now!


The program exists out of three seperate (full) weeks of on campus sessions. This means that students will have classes from Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm. In addition tot he three weeks on campus, there are approximately 140 hours of self study and 10 hours of supervision by your personal coach.

Besides the classes, students will start a complementary process with one of our elected personal coaches. Throughout the year, there will be one-to-one sessions between the student and the personal coach in order to discuss issues and work on goals for becoming a better coach, manager and/or person. The Johan Cruyff Institute has a group of personal coaches with different backgrounds and experience in supporting people in their (work) life.


Two weeks of classes are delivered at Sport Center & Hotel Papendal, the heart of Dutch sport, located near Arnhem in the eastern part of the Netherlands. One week of classes will be delivered at the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

Sport Center & Hotel Papendal

Aimed at

Master in Coaching in Amsterdam

Henk Groener

Henk Groener
Professor Master in Coaching and Head coach German women’s handball team

The Master in Coaching is designed for (sports) coaches or managers from different levels of education, nationalities and professions.

  • Sport coaches who wish to further develop their coaching skills to guide athletes to excel in sports and life.
  • Individuals with built up experience in coaching that want to develop a (professional) career in the sports industry.
  • Managers who wish to further develop their coaching skills from a sport perspective.
  • Managers with a passion for sports that would like to develop a career in coaching.


Three years of experience as a (sports) coach or manager / supervisor. Experience as an elite athlete is not required for this program, but having developed a career as a professional athlete will be valued as work experience, depending on level and commitment.

In addition, the Johan Cruyff Institute is looking for people who:

  • Have a passion for sport. We believe that a passion for sport drives education and development to become a leader in sport management;
  • Enjoy learning in a practical environment;
  • Value an individual oriented approach. Professors know who you are and support each student in their own journey;
  • Are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone to be able to make a personal growth.

Learning outcomes

Boost your future

On completion of the program, students will have developed their personal and unique coaching style, and they will be able to put this style into practice. Students will know what is needed for individual and team success, and how they can manage this success.

The Master in Coaching aims to foster students’ self-knowledge and self-development with the aim to improve their abilities as a (sports) coach or manager. Throughout the program, we focus on the personal development of each student. The professors and staff ensure that everyone is challenged in their learning. All theory will be relevant, tangible, fun and enjoyable to learn through the discussion of case studies by professors and students.

The study program of the Master in Coaching is based on Johan Cruyff’s vision: Coaching is more than the use of tactical and technical knowledge. It is about managing yourself, the players & staff, the team and the environment. Your personal background is a base for further development and a better understanding of oneself as a coach and/or manager. The principle of coaching is that you then apply this insight knowledge in counseling others.

Due to our ‘Cruyffian’ style of learning, students of the Master in Coaching will gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses as a coach (that they will develop during the program), and those of athletes/employees, with the aim to have a better understanding in order to improve performance.


Master in Coaching Amsterdam

Jules Broex

“It’s extremely enriching to use experiences from (top) sports coaches, especially those about team dynamics, for my own development.”

Jules Broex
Director Operations RAI Amsterdam

Frank Peereboom

“Ajax is innovative in the field of development and that also holds true for this study program.”

Frank Peereboom
Opposition Scout AFC Ajax

Femke Dekker

“For me it was an opportunity to delve into the ‘human side’ of sports instead of sport tactics, which is what you merely do as a team athlete.”

Femke Dekker
Former Olympic rower
Management and Professional Development Adviser at the Police

Marc Sifre Sole

“Student-coaches from various sports and backgrounds showed me fresh opinions and new techniques.”

Marc Sifre Sole
Sports Director Tennis Ibiza Club Campo

Rogier van ’t Hek

“In this Master we feel safe to tell each other the truth. Keeping the peace can be killing for success.”

Rogier van ’t Hek
Former field hockey player
Sports journalist NRC Media

Johan Cruyff Institute

Educating the next generation of Leaders in Sport Management

The Johan Cruyff Institute educates athletes, sport and business professionals to become Leaders in Sport Management.

The Johan Cruyff Institute is a powerful blend of professors, staff and partners who share a passion for educating the next generation of leaders in the sport business for the benefit of all athletes, sport partners, organizations and the students themselves.

According to Johan Cruyff: “My vision on sport management is quite simple. I think people with a passion for sport are the best to lead sport organizations”. At the Johan Cruyff Institute they know that a passion for sport also drives education and development. Their students, from elite athletes to sport and business professionals, have one common goal: to become the next generation of leaders in sport management.

The way they bring this vision into action is based on common sense, pragmatism, intuition and optimism. They believe challenges are best faced together, in a team spirit, aiming to be knowledgeable and inspiring others for the benefit of all.