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Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona


9 months *


September 4, 2017






FC Barcelona


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* 1 week/month full intensive course (Mon-Sat)

The Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona has been created with the ambition to be the only program in football business and administration based on the management model of FC Barcelona, recognized worldwide, as well as the on great experience of the Johan Cruyff Institute in sport management education.

The program will be offered initially on-campus in English, and later on in Spanish, expanded to our on-line environment in both languages, which will help to reach the global audience of FC Barcelona.

Classes are delivered at Camp Nou and Johan Cruyff Institute, among other locations.


Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona

The Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona will deliver world-class teaching, learning and research in football business.

The program will focus on the unique aspects of the football industry, offering excellent and up to date knowledge from the Johan Cruyff Institute and providing students the opportunity to engage with FC Barcelona through lectures, visits, case studies, projects, management games and networking.

We aim to offer the best Master in Football Business program in the world by combining extensive knowledge on business with hands-on projects and a unique overview of the nature and specificities of the football industry.

The club's specific modules will provide students with the opportunity to learn about its business strategy and why FC Barcelona is more than a club.

The study plan of the Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona consists of 10 weeks structured as follows:



From 04 to 9 of SEPTEMBER
Introduction to the Master and Introduction to the Football Business


From 02 to 7 of OCTOBER
History of FC Barcelona and Football and Politics


From 06 to 11 of NOVEMBER
Football Finances and Football Revenues


From 11 to 16 of DECEMBER
History of Football and Fan Engagement


From 08 to 13 of JANUARY
Sociology of Fans and Football Governance


FEBRUARY (Dates to be confirmed)
FC Barcelona Business Overview


MARCH (Dates to be confirmed)
FC Barcelona Operations Overview


APRIL (Dates to be confirmed)
FC Barcelona Management Games 01


MAY (Dates to be confirmed)
FC Barcelona Management Games 02



Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona

Jordi Cruyff

"I believe honouring a legacy comes from celebrating the memories and improving the ideals of those who came before us. And the Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona is a tribute to my father's vision of football and of life. A tribute to the vision that we can always be better. That we can always do better.
As an athlete and as a coach, his partnership with Barcelona has changed football inside the pitch forever. And this Master program is about moving his philosophy of football outside the pitch. It is the ultimate idea of the Total Football. It is about looking into the management of football through a better perspective. About changing the way we do things. Above all, it is about educating the next generation of leaders in the football business."

Jordi Cruyff
Board member of Johan Cruyff Institute

Jordi Monés

“Johan Cruyff Institute has been working on management projects for years; It is an ideal collaborator because they have great experience and can contribute to the knowledge that Barça brings, since we could not do the whole Master by ourselves because we do not dedicate to that. We are not a school. We are about to start. Also, I want to make it clear: we don't do it with them because they are called Cruyff. The brand is amazing: Barça and Cruyff is a firm union, we do it because they are good, because they do it very well”

Dr. Jordi Monés
Director of FC Barcelona and FCB Universitas commissioner

Josep Maria Bartomeu

“We are blessed, because we are united with the great educational experience of the Johan Cruyff Institute and the club management model to promote joint projects in the field of promotion, generation and dissemination of knowledge in sports. Furthermore, this agreement holds added value as it is a tribute to Johan Cruyff and to his sporting and management vision.”

Josep Maria Bartomeu
President of FC Barcelona

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Johan Cruyff Institute

Educating the next generation of Leaders in Sport Management

The Johan Cruyff Institute educates athletes, sport and business professionals to become Leaders in Sport Management.

The Johan Cruyff Institute is a powerful blend of professors, staff and partners who share a passion for educating the next generation of leaders in the sport business for the benefit of all athletes, sport partners, organizations and the students themselves.

According to Johan Cruyff: “My vision on sport management is quite simple. I think people with a passion for sport are the best to lead sport organizations”. At the Johan Cruyff Institute they know that a passion for sport also drives education and development. Their students, from elite athletes to sport and business professionals, have one common goal: to become the next generation of leaders in sport management.

The way they bring this vision into action is based on common sense, pragmatism, intuition and optimism. They believe challenges are best faced together, in a team spirit, aiming to be knowledgeable and inspiring others for the benefit of all.

Johan Cruyff Institute

FC Barcelona

More than a club

FC Barcelona was founded 116 years ago in 1899, and is unique in many ways. The club is owned by its more than 143,000 members and can boast of being the most successful club in Europe over the last ten years. In that time they have won four of the Club’s five Champions League titles and seven of their 24 domestic league titles. Due to its very special personality, ‘Barça’ is recognized as being ‘more than a club’. The team’s distinctive style of play is projected around the world by the best players and coaches of their time in combination with club’s famous reliance on homegrown talent.

All of this goes hand in hand with its ongoing ambition to become the most admired, beloved and global sports institution on the planet. This mission is supported by such core principles as humility, effort, ambition, respect and team-work, while the club is also famed for its commitment to society, which is channeled through the FC Barcelona Foundation and its work to educate children through the positive values of sport. Such unstoppable growth in recent years has led to a global reach of more than 300 million fans and made FC Barcelona a world leader on social media.

FC Barcelona - Mes que un club