Johan Cruyff Institute

Master in Sport Management

Study in Amsterdam
10 months
September, 2024


The sports industry currently represents 1% of the world’s GDP, and more than 2% of the European Union’s GDP. The Dutch sports industry is estimated at 12.7 billion euros (1% of GDP). It is one of the professional sectors with the highest economic growth. This fact has favored the creation of new occupations and jobs (almost 3% of employment in the EU) and a greater specialization that demands well-trained professionals to properly manage major sporting events, sports facilities, clubs and sports organizations, marketing and advertising resources, communication, etc.

On completion of the program, students will find themselves fully prepared to access a wide variety of business opportunities that await in the international sports industry.

Johan Cruyff Institute students at class.
Top 40 global rankings - Master in Sport Management Top 40 global rankings - Master in Sport Management

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On the way to the top

At Johan Cruyff Institute, we offer you the tools and the learning environment you need for a successful career in the sports industry, a scenario as uncertain as it is full of opportunities, where quality professional training is more essential than ever.

But the road to the top is not easy: the route requires breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles, keeping pace with the technological revolution, innovating, adapting to the dizzying changes that companies and sports organizations are undergoing. So, whether you are an athlete or not, get ready to start a rigorous and competitive study program, which will demand effort, perseverance and discipline, and where your drive and mentality will be great allies to achieve success.

At Johan Cruyff Institute, we accompany you on this exciting journey along which you will grow personally and professionally, and with every step you take towards the top, you become stronger.