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  • Master in
    Sport Management


Master in Sport Management – On Campus in Amsterdam


10 months


September 2022




On Campus in Amsterdam


Payment by installments available


Limited places available - enroll now!

The Master classes are delivered by professors who have held or currently work in key positions across different areas of the sports industry, and combine vast experience from sport, business and education. The professors facilitate and assess the development of your personal competencies to coach you through a challenging program with enjoyment and personal experiences.

Throughout the academic year we motivate and support students in every way we can, to facilitate their personal development. Professors and staff ensure all students, each with a different background and experiences, will be challenged in their learnings. It will be a new step in your personal development towards achieving your dream position in the sport industry.

Classes are organized anywhere we can learn. This means students will have classes on-site and on campus. The home of the Johan Cruyff Institute is next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. The online Virtual Campus allows students to maintain contact at all times even when they are traveling, at work or training and cannot be present in class. For those who need a little extra support or guidance during the program one-to-one sessions can also be arranged between students, staff and professors.

The curriculum of the Master in Sport Management consists of 7 mandatory instructional modules. The Master is completed by developing and presenting a final plan or business plan.

Strategic Management

Applied Sport Performance Skills

Marketing of Sport

Facility & Event Management

Financial Management of the Sport Industry

Managing, Innovating & Leading Sport Organizations


Master Final Plan

Boost your future

Career opportunities

The Master in Sport Management is tailored for people who value professional career development. The 10-month intensive program explores the most important aspects of management applied in sport where personal development of each student is key.

Due to our ‘Cruyffian’ style of learning, Master students develop business plans and strategies for sporting organizations during the program. They are eager to address the challenges facing the international sports industry, whether developing a new product or service, advising a club or sports facility, or even starting their own company. Many students walk away with the next step in their sports business career already in hand.

The Master in Sport Management in Amsterdam accepts on average around 40 students per year. We prefer to limit the number of students to ensure each student receives the attention required to gain the most from the program. There are now hundreds of alumni from Amsterdam and other Master editions worldwide working in various positions in and outside the international sports business.

Those who have completed this Master are currently working in the areas of:

Sports Competition

Sporting director of clubs, federations or other sport organizations.

Management of Sports Organizations

Finance director of sport organizations.
Human resources director of sport organizations.
Director of sports and leisure companies.

Facilities and Sports Events

Managing director of sports facilities.
Managing director of sport event management companies.

Community Sports

Manager of sports centers and municipal facilities.
Manager of non-profit sports foundations.
Sports manager of public sector organizations.

Sports Consulting

Sports services consultant.

Sports Journalism

Sports journalist/commentator.

Marketing and Sponsorship

Marketing director of sport organizations.
Sports sponsorship manager.

For who

Master in Sport Management – On Campus in Amsterdam

This Master in Sport Management is designed for ambitious athletes, sport and business professionals from different levels of education, nationalities and professions.

To be admitted, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Netherlands: HBO) or equivalent, or
  • 3 years of professional career experience in the (sport) industry.

Experience as an elite athlete is not required for this program, but having developed a career as a professional athlete will be valued as work experience, depending on level and commitment.

In addition, the Johan Cruyff Institute is looking for people who:

  • Are fluent in English written and spoken;
  • Have an interesting motivation to attend the Master program;
  • Have a passion for sport. We believe that a passion for sport drives education and development to become a leader in sport management;
  • Are ambitious and wish to develop yourself for a professional career in sport management;
  • Enjoy learning in a practical environment;
  • Value an individual oriented approach. Professors know who you are and support each student in their own journey;
  • Are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone to be able to make a personal growth.


Master in Sport Management – On Campus in Amsterdam

We aim for a balanced mix of students with various sports and/or business backgrounds, which enables them to share their unique experiences and learn from each other. In all editions there have been several students with different nationalities and several athletes who have competed at the Olympics or international level, seeking their next career opportunity.

Notable alumni who have studied the Master in Sport Management in Amsterdam are for example Bibian Mental (snowboard), Esther Vergeer (wheelchair tennis), Edith Bosch (judo), Edwin van der Sar (football), Ernesto Hoost (kick boxing), Julia Müller (field hockey), Lobke Berkhout (sailing) and Peter van Paassen (basketball).

Fenna Zijp

“The Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam offers small and intimate classes to students who enjoy interactive learning in a dynamic, diverse and ‘sporty’ environment. This open atmosphere also stimulates our expert-speakers to provide students with the insights into the real challenges they are facing on a daily basis.”

Fenna Zijp
Student and sports lover.
Communications, Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam

Per Kyrk-Astemo

“The input of teachers and students from different backgrounds and countries made me see new viewpoints when I was creating my business plan. It really motivated me more to get involved in the sports sector. I had a great experience during my stay. The people in the city of Amsterdam and everybody I met through the network of the Institute treated me well. I see myself coming back to Amsterdam in the future.”

Per Kyrk-Astemo
Alumnus and sport lover.
Manager Skövde AIK Sports Club, Sweden

Johan Cruyff

“In my opinion, athletes possess remarkable qualities. They are committed, eager to improve and goal-oriented. With these traits and the right academic training, these athletes can become successful leaders in the world of sport management. Our programs are designed for them and for coaches, managers and others with a passion for sport. Who better to serve the best interests of sport than someone who has the heart of an athlete?”

Johan Cruyff

Remona Fransen

“In this one-year Master, I can use my sports experience as an athlete and translate that knowledge to a sports business environment. The Master gives me insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. I would like to stay active in sports in the future, because that’s what gives me energy.”

Remona Fransen
Student, former elite athlete.
Heptathlon, Bronze medalist 2011 European Championships

Rui Catalao & Lars Vermeulen

“This Master gave us a solid base from which to build tiXcy, a product that offers football clubs a way to nail their ticket pricing policy. In class, we learned the most important aspects of managing a sports company and we understood how to start up our own company. Obviously, the greatest learning is in real life, but our teacher in entrepreneurship and innovation made us feel more prepared to take that step. And not just during the Master. Today, he is still our main advisor and we are very grateful for that.”

Rui Catalao & Lars Vermeulen
Alumni, started their own enterprise in sports business.
Co-founders, tiXcy

Join us

Master in Sport Management – On Campus in Amsterdam

The Johan Cruyff Institute is a family with a passion for sport and people who aspire to hold a leading position in sport management. We believe that our international network, which is expanding each year, will have more and more influence in the sport and business sector. You can play a leading role by joining the next Master in Sport Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam!

We offer our students and alumni the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other students, alumni and members of our global network by organizing conferences, events and social activities during and after the study program. The learning and development continues well after the Masters program.

Visit one of our Open Days and/or ask for the brochure of the Master in Sport Management, to find out more about our ‘Cruyffian’ way of teaching. For further information, to enroll or a personal meeting, please use the form on the right side and contact the team of the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam. They will be delighted to help you!