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In this free online course (MOOC), we bring you closer to the eSports industry and its business opportunities in 30 days, overcoming 30 challenges, through gamified learning.

You can study whenever you want, managing your time and participating in webinars with professionals in the sector. You will discover the evolution of the eSports industry through the players and stakeholders of the sector via videos, podcasts, interviews, reports and articles.

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eSports in data

The growth evolution of the eSports audience

The figures suggest that the eSports industry -understanding this as professional video game competitions- is gaining popularity and economic weight, generating more and more jobs, audiences and income.

In 2023, this industry is expected to generate revenues of more than €1.4 billion.

eSports enthusiasts and occasional viewers

In this course, you will learn:

  • What eSports are.
  • How the eSports and videogame industry works.
  • What opportunities this industry offers and its economic impact.
  • Who the main stakeholders are and what their roles are.
  • The culture, values and aspirations of the professionals involved.

This course is
for you if:

  • You are a marketing and communications professional and you want to know what opportunities esports can offer to connect with new audiences.
  • You are a professional in innovation and you see eSports as a potential area of opportunity for new business development.
  • You are a manager in the world of sport and you see eSports as an interesting field to develop your career in the future.
  • You are a business consultant interested in the eSports and video games sector and its development as a new entertainment industry.
  • You are a manager/executive from any sector who wants to have an initial contact with esports.


Past, present and future of eSports

  • Understanding the rules of the game. An introduction to eSports.
  • A bit of history: from videogames to eSports.
  • The legal framework.
  • A global industry.
  • Blessed technology.
  • Will eSports come to the smartphone?
  • Why invest in eSports?

Main stakeholders in the industry

  • Publishers.
  • Tournament organizers.
  • Teams.
  • Media.
  • Sponsors.

The digital environment

  • When content is king.
  • The social networks.
  • Webcasters.
  • Influencers.
  • Audiences.

Johan Cruyff Institute

Sport, management and social work are three key words in the world of Johan Cruyff and basic pillars of his legacy. His own experience as a professional football player and later as a coach and advisor led Johan to devise a plan to help athletes to enter the working world at the end of their sports career and to promote the professionalization of management in the world of sport. And thus, Johan Cruyff Institute was born, the academic legacy of Johan Cruyff.

Since its founding in 2002, Johan Cruyff Institute has trained athletes, sport managers and other professionals in Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Sponsorship, Football Business and Coaching. Its expansion has been unstoppable, and it currently offers 92 programs. Today, it has 12 offices around the world, with a physical presence in Spain, the Netherlands, Peru, Mexico and Sweden, and international agents in 13 different countries. A total of 5,356 students have been trained in their classrooms in on campus courses and 4,173 in online courses.


MEDIAPRO is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector, unique in content integration, production and audiovisual distribution, with operations worldwide through its 58 offices distributed across four continents. The Group is engaged in significant activities in planning smart cities, design and implementation of interactive museum spaces leveraging state-of-the-art technology and planning cross-cutting content for marketing and advertising initiatives. MEDIAPRO provides the creativity and technical solutions necessary to design, produce and distribute any audiovisual or multi-channel project in any corner of the globe.


LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) is the biggest esports organization in the Spanish-speaking market and one of the biggest esports organizers in the world, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Bogota and Mexico and a presence in more than 30 countries. LVP manages the most prestigious national competitions, big international tournaments and online competition platforms, as well as being the official Spanish-language broadcaster of international eSports events. Part of the MEDIAPRO Group, LVP also offers event production services, online advertising and audio-visual production.


UBEAT (MEDIAPRO Group) is an esports, gaming and entertainment multiplatform where LVP competitions and new entertainment formats are distributed to new audiences. UBEAT is a television channel operating 24/7 with more than 4,000 hours of competitions and an OTT platform with live and VoD content, which offers a personalized experience to each user. UBEAT is available via the web, a mobile app and in the main pay TV operators in Spain (Movistar, Orange, Telecable, Euskaltel and R v Deion Communications) and Latin America (Sky).