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The academic legacy of Johan Cruyff made in his own image 
“Our way of being, our way of envisioning education, of wanting to make a difference in the sports industry, is very similar to the way Johan made a difference in sport and in society,” says Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute, the academic legacy of Johan Cruyff

How sport organizations can monetize their social media

Johan Cruyff Institute brings together three sport marketing experts from Sportskred, Vexed Gaming and ACT Agency to discuss the best way for sports organizations to monetize their social media: audience segmentation, channel detection, personalized content, optimization of resources through technology platforms and the use of influencer marketing are key to the whole process.

The effectiveness of data analytics to measure the return on sport sponsorship

Ramón Amich, director of Nielsen Sports for Spain and Portugal and guest speaker on the Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona, talks about how brands that invest in sport sponsorship use data analytics to develop customized packages, the arrival of new sectors, the role of athletes as major influencers and the attraction of esports as a new avenue for sponsorship.
Fan engagement

“Athletes are increasingly more important, with a role that is sometimes more prominent in society than the actual organization for which they work”

Rui Biscaia
University professor and
fan engagement researcher
Fifa World Cup Qatar: Stadiums, the lowest number of venues in recent years.
Webinar: How sport organizations can monetize their social media.
Webinar: How to engage a gamers community for a blood donation campaign.
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Dorus de VriesWe learn about the experience of Dorus de Vries, a former professional footballer with a successful 20-year career who, after graduating from his Master in Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute, became a sports consultant at a Dutch representation agency.
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