The Argentine Football Association trusts in Johan Cruyff Institute education

May 12, 2017

La Asociación Femenina de Fútbol Argentino confía en la formación de Johan Cruyff Institute

More than 1,200 players will have access to our educational offer, following the agreement reached with the AFFAR through our international agent in Argentina, Good Morning Sports

The Argentine Women’s Football Association (AFFAR) and the Johan Cruyff Institute (through Good Morning Sports, our international agent in Argentina) have signed an important agreement that will directly benefit more than 1,200 players, who will be able to access all the academic offer of the Johan Cruyff Institute with interesting discounts.

The Argentine Women’s Football Association is a civil non-profit organization created with the objective of promoting the growth and development of women’s football, always aiming at the social and sporting inclusion of female football players in the country. Within its educational area, it offers training in football and other areas through clinics, workshops, courses and talks.

All the players of the Association will also, from now on, be able to secure a future in the sports industry by training in sport management, sport marketing, football business or coaching. “For women, historically it has been very difficult to play football and today we are giving them the opportunity not only to play but to train in a professional way,” says the president of the AFFAR, Evelina Cabrera. “Signing this agreement with the Johan Cruyff Institute fills us with pride and shows us that we are on the right path”.

Patricio Baigorrotegui, the Johan Cruyff Institute’s international agent in Argentina and director of Good Morning Sports, explains that: “Women’s sport has enormous potential. At Good Morning Sports, we had already detected it and created #WomenIntoSports as a space for professional interaction. With this agreement between the Johan Cruyff Institute and the AFFAR, we are helping women’s football to make a leap in quality, by training the next generation of professionals to lead the sports industry”.


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