Johan Cruyff Institute, among the elite in the ranking of sport management master’s programs

For the eighth consecutive year, Johan Cruyff Institute is included in the ranking of the best sport management master’s programs from around the world

For the eighth consecutive year, and since the prestigious publication SportBusiness International developed a world ranking of the best sport management master’s programs, Johan Cruyff Institute remains among the elite in this academic specialty, ranked 39th on the global list and 15th in Europe.

“This year, we not only wanted to reflect the broadest ranking of all those we have published to date, but we have also incorporated significant changes in the format since we started this project in 2012, given that the sector has been growing very fast year after year”, explains Bill Sutton, member of the advisory council of SportBusiness Postgraduate Course Rankings.

In preparing the ranking, the evaluation committee of SportBusiness International takes into account different variables: the satisfaction of former students (a score that encompasses the quality of the support received during the program, the quality of the teaching staff and the assessment of extra-curricular support); if students have obtained a job within six months after graduation; the score each institution is given by its competitors; the percentage of male and female students; the ratio of national and international students; the proportion of minority ethnic students; the value of the program and its usefulness when applying the knowledge acquired in the workplace; the average salary received in the three years after graduation, and the job exchange as a parallel service to the master’s degree.

“This 2018-19 academic year marked the 15th anniversary of Johan Cruyff Institute’s  Master in Sport Management, a program that was created based on Johan Cruyff‘s efforts to provide to means to offer professional opportunities to athletes once their active sports career has ended”, explains Mariël Koerhuis. “Year after year, the Master has been growing in number of students and in competencies, adapting to the changes that have been taking place in this booming sector. It is a source of satisfaction for all the faculty members and sports industry professionals who collaborate in our courses that we continue to be among the best recognized master’s programs in sport management in the world”.


Sport Management programs

The sport industry has had a growing impact on the global economy over the last 20 years with investment in public infrastructure, mobilizing resources and creating new professions and jobs. Today it is one of the professional sectors with the most economic momentum, creating opportunities for many people who aspire to a future in the world of sports. Sports Management is a field of education concerning the business aspects of sports.

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