When networking works

July 24, 2015

Cuando el networking funciona - Marketing Deportivo

A student of the Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Marketing signs a contract with the best European youth football tournament (MIC) to bring teams from Guatemala

Rosario Mönkemüller arrived at the headquarters of the Johan Cruyff Institute in 2014 from Guatemala with her bags full of enthusiasm and a clear purpose: to maximize her stay in Barcelona in order to return to her country with the qualification of Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Marketing and with a project enabling her to unite her passion for sport and her experience in football (she was a professional player of the U-20 team in Guatemala) with another of her weaknesses, children.

At just 20 years old, she is the youngest of the 2014-2015 on-campus Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Marketing course and has also been able to experience how the ‘networking’ at the Johan Cruyff Institute works. Rosario returns home with an employment contract with the organizers of the MIC, the Mediterranean International Cup, the best European youth football tournament. She will be responsible for selecting the teams to participate next year in this prestigious tournament.

You have a teaching degree. How did a teacher end up in marketing?

My life has always been based around my passion for sport, children and women. I was a professional player in my country in the sub-20 team for two years, then I graduated as a primary school teacher and also as a children’s football coach. I became interested in continuing to transmit that energy and passion to the children and women at my school and in forming an academy in the future, and that’s why I decided to study sports marketing.

When networking works - Sports Marketing

How did you learn about the Johan Cruyff Institute and why did you choose it?

I went online and it came up first. I read the history of all the people who had studied here and the truth is that the training seemed really complete and that’s how I got here.

Has the Postgraduate in Sports Marketing met your expectations?

Yes, it has and it has exceeded them. I thought it would be a training course with visits to installations and other things, but I didn’t think I would get to learn as much as I have because…thanks to the work of the teachers, the group work, the events that we were able to attend… all that meant I had a very complete training.

Why would you recommend the Johan Cruyff Institute?

Because it’s a very comprehensive program, the teachers have a lot of training, their level is noticeable and, above all, because from the moment you access the webpage you feel the passion for sport, and when you enter here you feel a door open to your future…to success.

What do you want to dedicate yourself to? What project do you have in mind after the Postgraduate?

I’m returning to Guatemala as an agent of the MIC (Mediterranean International Cup) because, thanks to the Institute, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture here with the director of the MIC. Then I was able to meet him, we came to an agreement and now I am working to create a pre-MIC in order to select teams from Guatemala and bring them to play in this tournament so they can live a unique experience at the MIC.

When networking works - Sports Marketing

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