Johan Cruyff Institute launches its academic training collaboration with Universidad San Buenaventura Cali

September 9, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute launches its academic training collaboration with Universidad San Buenaventura Cali

Johan Cruyff Institute and the Universidad San Buenaventura Cali create a strategic link to facilitate knowledge transfer and guarantee the academic training of elite athletes and employees of the Colombian university

As part of a recently signed agreement, Johan Cruyff Institute offers all staff and elite athletes of the Universidad San Buenaventura Cali (Colombia) discounts of up to 20% on its training academic programs in sport management, sport marketing and sponsorship, football business and coaching. At the same time, both entities have decided to collaborate through coordinated academic activities.

USB Cali  is a private university that was founded 50 years ago. Today, it has more than 35,000 graduates and a campus of 260,200 m2, with modern technological infrastructure and modern sports facilities including tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, football pitches and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

With the aim of continuing its commitment to the professionalization of sport in the country and becoming a training space for the different actors involved in the industry, the university has its own School of Sports Training and Management dedicated to the field, to which it will now add the experience and talent of Johan Cruyff Institute.

Under the terms of the agreement, the faculty of Johan Cruyff Institute may teach some of the online modules that the university will provide to its students. Likewise, members of the faculty of the USB Cali could participate in the teaching of the programs, conferences or seminars organized by Johan Cruyff Institute.

“It is worth mentioning how much the partnership with Johan Cruyff Institute represents for the USB Cali,” says Monika Naranjo Gaviria, director of the School of Sports Training and Management. “This agreement enables the people who are training with us through our agreement with the Colombian Football Federation, to also get training from Johan Cruyff Institute from now on, and opens the doors for their students to come to our university in Cali. This alliance makes visible the strategic management that the university has with its partners to strengthen the academic training of our students.”


Academic Programs

On campus programs at Johan Cruyff Institute include visits to sport organizations, clubs and facilities so that students can experience firsthand the challenges faced by sport managers on a daily basis. We also feature Master Classes by guest speakers who occupy key positions within the different areas of the sports industry. Online programs offer the possibility of studying in any place at any time through the Virtual Campus. The study pace can be adapted to each individual's workload and availability. A tutor guides each student through the entire program.

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