Johan Cruyff Academy to work on curriculum innovation in Barcelona

Johan Cruyff Academy to work on curriculum innovation in Barcelona

The Johan Cruyff Academy from Amsterdam, Groningen and Tilburg will be working in Barcelona on curriculum innovation to ensure their student-athletes will be well prepared for the future demands of the sports industry

On May 8th, a delegation of teachers, managers and staff of Johan Cruyff Academy in Amsterdam, Groningen and Tilburg, will be traveling to Barcelona for a three-day trip to work on curriculum innovation. The goal is to establish one common curriculum for Johan Cruyff Academy, so the curriculum in sport management for elite athletes will be aligned at the three sites.

“Although the three sites of Johan Cruyff Academy already work with the same teaching concepts, so our student-athletes can balance high-level sports with a full-time academic program, the bachelor’s program varies at each site,” says Rob Spierings, Johan Cruyff Academy coordinator. “This is mainly because each Johan Cruyff Academy is part of a different University of Applied Science, which makes it challenging to fine-tune activities. Nevertheless, we all agree it is time to change that for the benefit of our faculty members and student-athletes. We believe that joint educational material development and knowledge sharing will lead to more efficiency in the implementation of the curriculum. With our vast expertise in sport marketing education, we will set important and innovative steps towards an aligned curriculum, so the Johan Cruyff Academy student-athletes at the three sites will be better prepared for the demands of the sports sector of the future.”

“The Johan Cruyff Institute HQ based in Barcelona will offer us the best environment to focus on the themes. Not only because we share the same philosophy within the Cruyff academic network, but also because Johan Cruyff Institute is well known for its online learning programs. This will provide us with an opportunity to explore the possibility of applying more online learning methods and content within the Johan Cruyff Academy curriculum. So, I have high expectations for the trip and I trust we will return to the Netherlands with an enriching academic program in sport marketing for student-athletes, that is at the forefront of the developments in the sports sector,” Spierings concludes.

The Johan Cruyff Academy in Amsterdam started in 1999 with 35 student-athletes as the first initiative of the Cruyff academic network to offer athletes an opportunity to balance sport with studies. Johan Cruyff Academy in Tilburg opened in 2009 to target the needs of elite athletes in the southern provinces of the Netherlands, and Johan Cruyff Academy in Groningen in 2015 to cover the northern regions. Today, hundreds of alumni of Johan Cruyff Academy are increasingly helping to professionalize the sports sector.

Pictures: 9th of may, 2019.


Johan Cruyff Academy teachers working at the classroom.

Johan Cruyff Academy teachers taking a break outside Johan Cruyff Institute's HQ.

Johan Cruyff Academy teachers in a group picture.

Johan Cruyff Academy

Sport Marketing for elite athletes

The Johan Cruyff Academy offers elite athletes an opportunity to balance sports with a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration program in Sports Marketing, a learning track of Commercial Economics. This program is exclusively offered to students who practice sports at the highest levels in The Netherlands and it is delivered in Dutch.

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