Johan Cruyff College Groningen to do team building in Barcelona

February 26, 2019

Johan Cruyff College Groningen de team building en Barcelona - Johan Cruyff Institute

The Johan Cruyff College Groningen team will work on further improving the study guidance of their student-athletes

From March 6 to 8, the teachers and staff of the Johan Cruyff College in Groningen will be visiting Barcelona. The trip will include a visit to CAR, the high-performance training center of Catalonia, and a day at the Johan Cruyff Institute Barcelona to work on team building.

“What better place than the headquarters of our academic network to nourish and improve our approach, so our student-athletes can balance their sport training with their studies,” says Lucinda Wondel, the ‘Sport & Coaching’ manager at the school in Groningen. “We will be in Barcelona with a dedicated team of 10 colleagues. My expectation for our trip is that when we are at the Johan Cruyff Institute, we will be able to focus better on a common mission as one Johan Cruyff College team, in line with the philosophy of our international Cruyff network.”.

Johan Cruyff College Groningen to do team building in Barcelona

There are four Johan Cruyff College in the Netherlands that offer vocational education to student-athletes. Graduates in ‘Sport & Business’ can apply for jobs in sport marketing, and those that do ‘Sport & Coaching’ will be able to work as sport instructors or trainers. The Johan Cruyff College are part of ROCs (regional education centers) that are administered by the Dutch government.

The situation in Groningen is special, since the two career paths are part of a different ROC: Noorderpoort and Alfa-college. “This means that our team is working within two separate academic entities at different locations,” concludes Wondel. “This makes it extra important to team up and fine-tune our work activities and have a focus as one team.”


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Johan Cruyff College offers elite athletes from all kinds of sport an opportunity to balance sport with vocational education (The Netherlands: ‘mbo’). The programs of the Johan Cruyff College are designed for students who practice sport at the highest levels in The Netherlands, and are delivered in Dutch.

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