Johan Cruyff Institute returns to the WFS Live stage: ‘Building football’s roadmap for the future’

November 19, 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute returns to the WFS Live stage: ‘Building football’s roadmap for the future’

WFS Live presents ‘Building football’s roadmap for the future’, a virtual congress from November 23rd to 27th, with the participation of Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute, on a panel of experts

Johan Cruyff Institute, academic partner of the World Football Summit, will participate in a new edition of WFS Live that, under the name of ‘Building football’s roadmap for the future’, aims to take a deep look over five days at the challenges that the football industry will have to face in the near future.

Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute, will be part of a panel of experts on Tuesday, November 24 (12.30 p.m. – 1.05 p.m. CEST) entitled ‘Beyond The Do Good Tweet, Donation or Photo Opportunity with Louis Saha, former professional football player and founder of Axis Stars, Lisa Zamouche, freestyle footballer, and Fabien Paget, founder and CEO of 17 Sport, who will act as moderator.

“As a brand committed to the sports industry through academic training, it is essential for Johan Cruyff Institute to be part of this congress and contribute to its debates on new strategies,” says Cristina Palés, marketing manager of Joan Cruyff Institute.

Our institution has been part of the World Football Summit since it was founded in 2016, with a view to bringing to the public arena the importance of academic training in the professionalization of the sports industry, in general, and in football, in particular. Johan Cruyff Institute has relied on the invaluable participation of former students and prominent football figures to highlight the enormous contribution to the industry by former athletes with good academic training. Vítor Baía, Roberto Martínez and Jorge Valdano, in 2018, and Iván Alonso, Christian Karembeu, Shabnam Mobarez, Rebecca Smith and Louis Saha himself, in 2019, have all contributed to the debates promoted by Johan Cruyff Institute about ‘the day after’ and their entry into the world of sport management once their sports careers were over.

This year Johan Cruyff Institute made the transition to WFS Live in its premiere in virtual format and, in the first edition held last July, invited guest speakers Juan Pablo Caffa, Juan Sebastian Verón and Natalia Gaitán. This time it will be our general manager who represents the institution in another debate that promises to be most interesting. Students and alumni of Johan Cruyff nstitute will be able to access interesting discounts through the virtual campus and the Alumni platform.


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