CN Barcelona and Johan Cruyff Institute commit to continue growing together

May 25, 2017

CN Barcelona and Johan Cruyff Institute commit to continue growing together

CN Barcelona and Johan Cruyff Institute sign a collaboration agreement that will allow them to join forces and offer their members interesting benefits and discounts on quality services and professional academic education

The Club Natació Barcelona swimming club and Johan Cruyff Institute will continue to promote excellence in the world of sport and, from now on, will do so thanks to the collaboration agreement signed at the facilities of the Barcelona club by its CEO, Pere Carbó De Cala, and the director of Johan Cruyff Institute, Mariel Koerhuis.

The agreement is a win-win for both entities given the breadth of services they will share in the future, both in terms of education and in sport and leisure. The members of CN Barcelona will be able to access all the academic programs of the Johan Cruyff Institute in Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Coaching and Football Business, with special discounts. CN Barcelona, a club with more than 100 years of history, wants to continue to have an edge and collaborate in the continuous training of its professionals.

CN Barcelona and Johan Cruyff Institute commit to continue growing together

Pere Carbó, CEO of CN Barcelona, and Mariël Koerhuis, director of Johan Cruyff Institute

“The experience, rigor and quality of the Johan Cruyff Institute’s education are an asset of great strategic importance for the Club Natació Barcelona”, says CEO Pere Carbó. “Our vision of being a reference in the field of sport, and our vocation to offer an excellent service, makes being able to have access to well-prepared professionals a necessity of extraordinary importance. The experience, rigor and quality of the Johan Cruyff Institute’s education represent the best possible response to our need”.

“We need good professionals to implement our strategy and to grow in such a competitive environment”, insists Carbó. “People with solid human values, excellent academic training and a passion for sport. We know from experience that Johan Cruyff Institute, following the vision of its leader, is a specialist in training professionals with these qualities. It is for this reason that signing this agreement is very important for us, and we are sure that this will be a fruitful alliance for all”.

For the Johan Cruyff Institute, the experience and good management of its new partner will also be a guarantee of growth. Students will have access to internships at the club, will be able to learn from case studies related to its management in classes, lectures and on guided tours, and will also enjoy its extraordinary facilities, with special conditions. CN Barcelona, founded in November 1907, has 24,000 m2 of facilities facing the sea, which gives it a privileged environment for the practice of sport.

“We are very happy with this association with a club like CN Barcelona, which has not only a long history but also a great professionalism”, says Mariel Koerhuis. “We have experience in training professionals who want to change sector and move towards sport management, and with people who are already in this industry and want to continue expanding and updating their knowledge. We are convinced that this union will be very productive for both parties”.


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