The Johan Cruyff Institute academic offer also comes to Italy

November 29, 2016

The Johan Cruyff Institute academic offer also comes to Italy

The Johan Cruyff Institute strengthens its network of international agents with the incorporation of Renzo Revello, a sport management and marketing consultant in Italy

The Johan Cruyff Institute continues to reinforce its expansion policy with its entry into the Italian market, one of the most powerful in world sport. Renzo Revello, an executive with extensive experience as a sport management and marketing consultant, joins our network of international agents and will be responsible for publicizing the wide academic offer of the Johan Cruyff Institute in the transalpine country.

Based in Turin, Renzo Revello is a renowned consultant known for his publications on business management and his participation as speaker in courses and seminars. In the world of sport, he has developed marketing projects for various brands and cooperated with Arsenal FC to promote their youth academy.

After serving as president of an amateur football club for more than 16 years and publishing a white paper on the renaissance of football in Italy, Renzo Revello developed a course for business organizations with football values as a model of business development.

He is currently the director of Arge Sports, a non-profit association, and is committed to the organization of charity sporting events. In addition to this, he will work for the Johan Cruyff Institute as an agent, implementing not only a teaching methodology based on the practical application of management, but also offering personalized plans for clubs and federations in the country.

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