Johan Cruyff Institute will help strengthen Zuidas, Amsterdam’s business district par excellence

February 6, 2018

Johan Cruyff Institute contribuirá a fortalecer Zuidas, el distrito empresarial por excelencia de Ámsterdam

Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam starts the year as a new member of ‘Hello Zuidas Foundation’, a corporation with more than 200 associated companies that make up the financial heart of the region

Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam has become part of the ‘Hello Zuidas Foundation‘, a corporation of more than 200 companies that make up the financial and business heart of the Dutch capital and whose goal is to promote collaboration among all its members to maintain high standards of quality.

Zuidas is one of the most important business districts in the Netherlands, an area where the latest advances in infrastructures and commercial activity happen very fast. Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam is located on the edge of this area, right next to the Olympic Stadium. From now on, not only will the two organizations share a district, but they will also begin to collaborate effectively.

The objective of the agreement, signed for two years, is to strengthen each other and seek synergies. The Johan Cruyff Institute will make available to the professionals of Zuidas all its offer of Master’s degrees, specialized courses and workshops, with the clear conviction that bringing a sports mentality to the world of business is most effective.

Zuidas stands out for having companies with a highly competitive mentality. Johan Cruyff Institute believes that its way of working on aspects such as collaboration, team dynamics, performance under pressure and leadership could be a very valuable training for these companies. These values, so ingrained in sport, can be applied both personally and professionally and are essential for success in the business world.

Working on aspects such as collaboration, team dynamics, performance under pressure and leadership could be a very valuable training for the companies of this business district

Henk Verschuur, manager of the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam, believes that this agreement is a great opportunity to join forces. “The Johan Cruyff Institute is a high quality educational center in the sport and corporate management sector, Zuidas is a very important district, and we believe that this connection between business and quality training can be very beneficial. We are delighted to be part of this district of the city and we hope to be able to contribute to the development of the professional talent in this area”.


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