Sport plays well on social media

February 10, 2015

Sport plays well on social media - Johan Cruyff Institute

Sports marketing is much more visible thanks to increased app use

Social media has changed the way we communicate, it has become an important weapon in marketing and in the sports industry, and they’ve positioned themselves as the perfect platform to maintain direct and permanent contact between an organization and its social mass.

Social media offers users information in real time, with results and statistics from any sport or team, 24 hours a day. Fans can follow and interact with their favorite teams, athletes, journalists, actively participate in events and much more. A few years back, this was impossible. The combination of social media and sport grows stronger every day and its future is just as attractive as it is exciting.

Sport is an inexhaustible source of values and marketing resources that represents happiness and emotions as well as unique and memorable experiences for the consumer. A sports marketing strategy, therefore, has to focus on factors such as emotion, positive effects and the motivation that the sport carrys. And how is that done? By organizing events, promotions, encouraging commitment and extending consumer experience beyond the event itself.

Sports plays well on social media


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