An impressive mural of Johan Cruyff welcomes visitors to De Meer

May 10, 2017

An impressive mural of Johan Cruyff welcomes visitors to De Meer - Johan Cruyff Institute

The district of De Meer, where the former Ajax stadium was located, offers a new tribute to Johan: a huge mural to honor his figure and his legacy

The tributes in memory of Johan Cruyff and acts in recognition of his person and legacy continue to take place. The latest one was yesterday in Amsterdam, with the unveiling of an impressive mural measuring 7.6 x 11 meters in the district of De Meer, on a surface that was occupied for many years by the former stadium of Ajax and which borders Betondorp, where Johan grew up.

The initiators of this project were the Brazilian street artist Paulo Consentino and paints and coatings company AkzoNobel. The huge painting is a gift of the initiators to honor Johan Cruyff and his legacy, and to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the Cruyff Foundation.

Representatives of all the Johan Cruyff branches around the world were present at the event, including students and alumni of the Johan Cruyff Institute and the Johan Cruyff Academy.

An impressive mural of Johan Cruyff welcomes visitors to De Meer

Danny Cruijff (middle) with representatives of Johan Cruyff Institute & Johan Cruyff Academy. Credits & copyright photo & header: AkzoNobel & Van Vlier Media

Sean Mallon, student of the Master in Coaching, said about Johan’s legacy that: “Johan was much more than one of the best football players ever. He realized that the qualities of an athlete can be of great value, not only on the field, but also in society. His interest in social development is an enormous source of inspiration for me. In the Master in Coaching, we always look at the individual and their potential for growth, in terms of opportunities and development, just like he did. In doing so, you create a development-oriented environment, in which everyone can flourish”.

And Germain Henriquez, a former elite athlete who balanced his studies at the Johan Cruyff Academy with playing basketball, added: “I agree with Johan that people with a passion for sport are those best equipped to lead the sports world. I obtained my knowledge about sport marketing at the Johan Cruyff Academy, but as an athlete I developed some specific skills, such as discipline, perseverance, the will to improve yourself and the ability to perform under pressure. In my current job, I realize how special these skills are. I’m very proud to have met Johan and that I could develop a career in society thanks to one of his initiatives.”

This is the greatness of Johan Cruyff’s legacy: that he remains present in emblematic places that marked his life, and also in the conscience of all those who see in an initiative like the Johan Cruyff Institute the way to continue to professionalize the world of sport.


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