Football Industry Insights, new Johan Cruyff Institute program in 2018

July 6, 2017

Football Industry Insights, new Johan Cruyff Institute program in 2018

Johan Cruyff Institute launches a seminar specializing in the football industry: six days of intensive training in Barcelona with international experts from the sector

Johan Cruyff Institute is launching a new academic program in 2018. Football Industry Insights is a week-long seminar specializing in the football industry with experts from the sector, and which forms part of the FC Barcelona Master in Football Business. The seminar will be in English and the sessions will take place at the premises of Johan Cruyff Institute and FC Barcelona.

The world of football is a market that generates and moves a lot of money worldwide. Because of the interest it arouses at all levels, its management is very specific and, when making strategic decisions and plans, it is necessary to take into account each and every one of the different interest groups involved in the industry’s day to day.

Johan Cruyff Institute has brought together an international group of experts who will discuss, during this innovative seminar, such interesting and topical management areas as club management, fan engagement, the video game industry, performance analysis, player transfers and merchandising.

Football Industry Insights, new Johan Cruyff Institute program in 2018

The goal of Football Industry Insights is to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the various operations that are carried out in the football business and how they are affected by its different realities. The seminar will take place from 11-16 June 2018 and will prepare students to interact and perform better in this industry, having had access, through experienced professionals, to additional information about the current situation of the business.


Seminar Series

The Football Industry Insights is a one-week program in Barcelona, part of the FC Barcelona Master in Football Business, where participants will have the opportunity to learn and interact with key individuals in the most relevant areas of the football industry. The week is made of a series of panels presented by a diverse range of professionals who will discuss the contemporary issues affecting the overall and specific football markets.

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8 thoughts on “Football Industry Insights, new Johan Cruyff Institute program in 2018

  1. Does the fee include accommodation and meals during the period of the seminar?

    Can anyone from outside the ongoing degree program join the seminar?

    Can an individual from an overseas country participate?

    • Hi Mauroof. The seminar is delivered on-campus at Barcelona and doesn’t include accomodation and meals. Thanks and regards!

  2. Me parece un programa excelente y sin lugar a dudas lo cursaría sin embargo no todos tenemos un inglés tan fluido por no ser como legua materna como en mi caso vivo en chile y el ideoma es español sería importante que valoren lanzarlo en Español para que den la oportunidad de cursarlo a los que vivimos al otro lado del continente , Un Saludo

    • Hola Carlos. No descartamos la posibilidad de ofrecerlo en español en un futuro. Gracias por tu comentario.

  3. Me encuentro de acuerdo con ambos comentarios ! En cualquier seminario en cualquier parte del mundo los programas siempre incluyen mínimo las comidas !! Y por lo menos si no incluye el alojamiento por lo menos dar opciones a un precio llamativo !!! Y también considero que debe ser en ambos ideomas para interesandos a nivel internacional , Un Saludo desde México

    • Hola Jose. En su primera edición, el curso será en inglés, pero se está valorando ofrecerlo también en español en futuras ediciones. También estamos trabajando en la oferta de alojamiento, de la que se informará próximamente. Un saludo y gracias por tus comentarios.

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