Spanish Triathlon Federation invests in Johan Cruyff Institute education for athletes

July 25, 2019

Spanish Triathlon Federation invests in Johan Cruyff Institute education for its members

The Spanish Triathlon Federation invests in the academic training of its members and staff, giving them the opportunity to study the education for athletes programs offered by Johan Cruyff Institute

Johan Cruyff Institute and the Spanish Triathlon Federation have signed a collaboration agreement to carry out joint activities and acquire mutual benefits for both entities. This alliance allows the entire federation team to obtain discounts on the price of the programs in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, Coaching and Football Business.

The Spanish Triathlon Federation is a private entity that has experienced exponential growth since the creation of the National Triathlon Committee in 1989 and has already issued more than 30,000 licenses. Its aim is to promote this sport in society and the healthy lifestyle habits that it entails. The activities of the Spanish Triathlon Federation are divided mainly into international or high-level competitions, national competitions—with more than 20 Spanish championships organized around the national territory per year—and finally, the National School of Coaches, which is responsible for organizing all the training courses that are carried out during the season.

“For the Spanish Triathlon Federation to reach this collaboration agreement with Johan Cruyff Institute is a way to help our athletes in their studies in sport management and sport marketing, a field that is closely linked with our modern and innovative sport. Triathlon is a new sport, born in a framework of equality between men and women and with the goal of fostering physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits. And it has grown hand in hand with the new technologies due to its very recent birth. We hope that many triathletes benefit from this agreement and in the future, they can use all this knowledge acquired in our sport”, said José Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.


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