The Uruguayan Football Association entrusts the Johan Cruyff Institute to give training to its members

August 25, 2016

La Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol confía en Johan Cruyff Institute para formar profesionalmente a sus asociados


The members of the institutions associated with the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) will from now on have the possibility to obtain training in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Football Business, through the agreement signed recently with the Johan Cruyff Institute.

Wilmar Valdez, president of the AUF, and Martin Sarthou, representative for the Johan Cruyff Institute in Uruguay, signed the agreement in the offices of the Association. The new agreement will make special conditions available to all professionals involved in football so that they can, in the words of the president, “get professional training in a sport that has changed a lot, from the hand of an institute of worldwide recognition.”

For the Johan Cruyff Institute, this new agreement furthers its commitment to the professionalization of the sport worldwide. “It’s a very important relationship because it will allow all institutions associated with the AUF to send their technical staff (players, physical trainers, coaches, etc.) to receive academic training with extensive benefits,” explained Martin Sarthou.

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