Cristiano Barra and Javier García Legorburu, winners of the 2019 sport sponsorship MOOC

February 4, 2020

Cristiano Barra and Javier García Legorburu, winners of the 2019 sport sponsorship MOOC

The students Cristiano Barra and Javier García Legorburu are the winners of a scholarship to study a postgraduate degree at Johan Cruyff Institute after submitting the best projects in the 2019 sport sponsorship MOOC

The winners of the study grants for the 2019 sport sponsorship MOOC  (Massive Open Online Course) offered by Johan Cruyff Institute in collaboration with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  through the online training platform Coursera have now been selected. Cristiano Barra, who chose Nestlé’s chocolate powder brand Milo for his sponsorship activation proposal, and Javier García Legorburu, who chose the leading food and beverage company Danone as sponsor, submitted the winning projects among all the works presented in 2019 with the aim of creating a sponsorship activation for a Cruyff Court of the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

Both winners will receive as a prize a full scholarship to study the online Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Sponsorship offered by Johan Cruyff Institute, enabling them to continue their professional training in sponsorship and patronage in the sports industry.

The selection committee highlighted several important factors in Cristiano Barra‘s project, such as the suitability of the chosen brand, the activation plan and a certain realism in the financial aspects of the project. According to the tutor of the program, “by specifying these three points in greater depth, the concept of this project aligns perfectly with the values of the Johan Cruyff Foundation because both entities seek to inspire a healthy, social and active life. Cristiano proposes several types of very creative activations with the main objective of promoting positive values among young people. The project aims to benefit the brand, the foundation itself and all the participants as well.”

Cristiano Barra and Javier García Legorburu, winners of the 2019 sport sponsorship MOOC

The Cruyff Courts enable children to practise all kinds of sport and take part in activities that are supported by Cruyff Foundation Coaches.

The project presented by Javier García Legorburu also fits perfectly with the spirit of the Cruyff Courts, as it encourages participation in playing sport. “An initial match between the brand and the foundation is the first step toward success, but it also adds a series of different activations, both internal business ones, and brand ones, adding brand ambassadors and incorporating the importance of caring for the environment within the message. That gives the project a very interesting twist,” according to the program tutor.


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