Johan Cruyff Institute and Básquet Andorra join forces to create synergies

January 10, 2017

Johan Cruyff Institute y Básquet Andorra se unen para intercambiar sinergias

The president of the Básquet Club Andorra, Gorka Aixàs, visits the Johan Cruyff Institute facilities to sign a collaboration agreement between both entities

Mariël Koerhuis, director of the Johan Cruyff Institute, and Gorka Aixàs, president of the Básquet Club Andorra, met at the Johan Cruyff Institute to formalize a collaboration agreement that will allow the two entities to create synergies and benefit from joint activities.

As a former student of the Master in Sport Management, the president of the Andorran club knows firsthand the Johan Cruyff Institute programs and teaching methodology. Now it will be the Básquet Andorra players, employees and club members who will have the opportunity to access education in sport management and sport marketing with special discounts.

Johan Cruyff Institute and Básquet Andorra join forces to create synergies

Students of the Johan Cruyff Institute will be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired doing an internship at the Andorran club, a member of the ACB League, get to know the management model of the club through case studies and obtain discounts on their products and services, among other areas of collaboration.


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