Sheila García, Camila Sáez and Oriana Altuve receive scholarships to study at Johan Cruyff Institute

October 8, 2020

Sheila García, Camila Sáez and Oriana Altuve receive scholarships to study at Johan Cruyff Institute

The three football players represented by the agency Solo Cracks are the beneficiaries of scholarships to study Sport Management Fundamentals or Football Business Fundamentals at Johan Cruyff Institute

Sheila García, Camila Sáez and Oriana Altuve will join the great community of elite athlete students of Johan Cruyff Institute this academic year. The three footballers have received scholarships through the collaboration agreement between Johan Cruyff Institute and Solo Cracks, the Chilean sport management agency specialized in women’s football.

Women’s football has been gaining ground over the last few years on the road to recognition and the professionalization of the sport. Johan Cruyff Institute and Solo Cracks are committed to supporting the growth of the industry by offering scholarships that allow current players and future leaders in the management of women’s football to expand their academic training and prepare themselves to enter the job market of the sports industry.

Sheila García, born in Guadalajara 23 years ago, is a young promise who currently plays for Rayo Vallecano, a team in the Spanish women’s first division and a member of the Spanish national football team. “I have been given the opportunity to study something that I like and, above all, that is related to my work, and what better than at this prestigious institute,” says Sheila after joining the Sport Management Fundamentals course on September 28. “Studying is very important to have a good grounding and training for tomorrow, and to be able to continue in the professional football field but from a sport management position. I am sure that my experience as a professional player, together with academic training like this, will be a great combination. I would love to contribute to the future of women’s sport beyond the pitch to continue growing.”

At only 15 years old, Camila Sáez made her debut at the club Everton in Viña del Mar (Chile). Later, at the Santiago de Chile club Colo-Colo, she offered outstanding performances and won important titles that opened the doors to football in Europe. Since 2018, she has been Sheila’s teammate as a defender for the Rayo Vallecano women’s team. She was also a member of the Chilean team in the World Cup in France 2019. “I believe that we, the players, can have a leading role in the growth of women’s football and that is why it is good to get involved and actively prepare for tomorrow. I would love, once I hang up my boots, to continue working in the world of women’s football from the management and administration area,” says Camila. 

Oriana Altuve is Venezuelan and plays for Real Betis. She began her professional career at the age of 17 in Caracas, being the top goal scorer in several seasons and championships, including the women’s Copa Libertadores in 2016 and 2017. “I was very eager to study. I was just looking at the Johan Cruyff Institute courses when Edgar Merino, my agent, told me about the possibility. It is a great opportunity. I am very grateful to Johan Cruyff Institute and Solo Cracks,” Oriana explains with great enthusiasm. “I believe that, as women, we are the ones primarily responsible for improving women’s football and helping to level the playing field.”


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