Johan Cruyff Institute names the Cruyff Athlete Fund scholarship winners

Johan Cruyff Institute pone nombre a sus becados de The Cruyff Athlete Fund

Sabine Hazboun, Maria Lamprinidou and Asmita Kharel receive a scholarship to study the Master in Sport Management Online after being selected in the first edition of The Cruyff Athlete Fund, a scholarship fund for professional athletes

The Cruyff Athlete Fund, a scholarship fund for professional athletes in minority sports that has been launched by Johan Cruyff Institute within its Corporate Social Responsibility program, already has its first beneficiaries. After a seven-month application period, the evaluation and admissions committee of the scholarship fund has selected Sabine Hazboun, a Palestinian Olympic swimmer, Maria Lamprinidou, a Greek volleyball player, and Asmita Kharel, a Nepalese cricket player, to study the Master in Sport Management Online 2019-20 with a full scholarship.

The CSR program of the Johan Cruyff Institute is putting the legacy of our founder, Johan Cruyff, into practice and, specifically The Cruyff Athlete Fund a living example of its commitment to support the education of athletes who want to develop their knowledge in the sports industry and, because they devote themselves to minority disciplines, have little means to do so.

“Growing up in Bethlehem, with virtually no swimming facilities, gave me the determination to overcome all obstacles,” says Sabine Hazboun. Her Palestinian origins did not make it easy for her to be able to devote herself to professional sport, but added to her determination was her talent and an absolute dedication to cross borders. In 2011, the Olympic Solidarity program awarded her a scholarship enabling her to leave her country and start a new life as an athlete in Barcelona, as a boarder at the CAR Sant Cugat high performance center. Sabine has participated in five world championships, two Asian Games, the Olympic Youth Games and the London 2012 Olympics. She currently holds the national record in 50 and 100 meters butterfly, and in 50, 100, 200 and 800 meters freestyle.

“I went from surviving two wars to training seven hours a day, struggling to fit into a completely new world for me. It was not an easy journey”, recalls Sabine. But it was worth it and she got as much out of it as she possibly could. She has a degree in translation and interpreting from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and speaks her native Arabic, as well as English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Italian. “I graduated in translation and interpreting in order to combine my two great passions: sport and languages”, she explains.

The Master in Sport Management Online from Johan Cruyff Institute will give her a new boost in her career. “With my experience as an Olympic athlete and polyglot, I have a lot to offer sports organizations around the world. I have worked in the organization of small events, but I have realized that I need to study so I can really fulfill my dream which is to have my own business in the sports industry in the future”, she says.

Maria Lamprinidou is an international volleyball player from Greece who has been a member of the national team for more than seven years. She has combined her sports career with studies in marketing and communication at the Athens University of Economics and Business, and completed her training in the specialty of digital marketing. “For the last four years, my life has been spent between the office and volleyball. Currently, I’m working as a digital marketing specialist for Avis and playing for Panathinaikos in Athens. Sport has always been my passion, and while I still have a couple of years to go as a player, it’s hard to imagine myself far from this world. From my experience playing in Greece, I have come to the conclusion that there is great potential to improve the management, marketing and communication of sports organizations. I believe that effective management can help talent development. In my country, sports talent does not get much support, and there are many areas in which to act in order to transform sport into a sustainable product for athletes”, says Maria.

Asmita Kharel lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. She has a degree in business studies and has been a professional cricket player since 2013. Parallel to her sports career, she has gained experience in the management of sporting events and has been a member of a “Local women’s futsal team in Kathmandu” for the last three years. “Devoting myself professionally to sport management is my personal challenge”, says Asmita. “I believe that this Master will help me to strengthen my knowledge in the sport management sector and learn about management models of other sports internationally, and to be able to apply this knowledge to create new opportunities in my country”.


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Johan Cruyff Institute names the Cruyff Athlete Fund scholarship winners

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