Meeting with the esports industry at GESX 22 Barcelona

November 30, 2022

Meeting with the esports industry at GESX 22 Barcelona

The Global Esports Summit Experience – GESX 22 will take place this Thursday, December 1, at the ASOBU ESPORTS facilities, with the intervention of the academic director of Johan Cruyff Institute, Víctor Jordán, as moderator of one of the sessions

Esports continue to claim their own space in the sports industry on their way to professionalization. The Global Global Esports Summit Experience – GESX 22 arrives this Thursday, December 1, in Barcelona with some very interesting content and networking opportunities, and will include the intervention of the academic director of Johan Cruyff Institute, Víctor Jordán, in the moderation of one of the discussion panels.

The ASOBU ESPORTS facilities will host the event, at which professionals and representatives of leading companies in the sector will participate in a series of panel discussions. The topics that will be discussed at GESX 22 are: success stories of teams and sponsoring brands; management and future positions in the professionalization of the sector; analysis and diagnosis of the esports industry in Catalonia; the importance and penetration of the crypto and blockchain environment; the option of arbitration in the resolution of legal disputes; the challenges and future of competitions; professional training, and the incorporation of esports in the management of institutions as a social asset.

Víctor Jordán will be in charge of the second panel of the day, from 1 p.m., dedicated to ‘Esports in Catalonia’, presented by Fundació.Cat, with the participation of Albert Juanico, general secretary of Fundació.Cat, Eduard Gil, general director of the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia, and Oriol Serra, cluster manager of Indescat. The streamers Marc ‘Mapxmen’ Anduix and Patricia ‘Tricieta’ Llamas will also take part.

Tickets will cost €22.41 and all proceeds will be donated to El Llindar Fundació, an organization dedicated to the education and training of young people at risk of social exclusion.


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